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With thousands of vendors plugging away at the Mobile World Congress, it's clear how difficult it is to find catchy marketing slogans. The barrel has been well and truly scraped. So what to do? Easy, peasy: just create one that makes no sense at all. 55,000 people walked past this one from LG at the gates of the Fira this …


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  1. David Griffin

    Smartly intelligent

    I have met a lot of people with PhD's who were clearly intelligent but not always very smart.

    Plus there's always the other meaning of smart (as in something you say when you see someone trap their finger in a filing cabinet - "Ooh, that must smart a bit").

    Maybe the LG phone i so intelligent it's eye wateringly painful...

  2. Seán


    Shop intelligent shop s-mart?

    It'd be too kind to think this was merely an example of engrish, the sadly bad slogan was probably invented by a yank or some malarial gin soaked ex-pat.

  3. Francis

    And then there was the Viewty

    also by Samsung (or was it LG?). The kind of name that instinctively made me think of cheap chinese knockoffs.

    And the nice young lady handing out condoms for a british company whose name and product completely escape me so that was a really successful bit of tacky boothbabery.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    "Digitally Yours"...

    ... has always seemed inherently strange to me. (it's a Samsung slogan).

    Either it has a hidden meaning in Korean that completely escapes when translated into english - or I am too unimaginative to see the hidden great message in the slogan.

    ... Or they are betting that everybody automatically thinks : "Digital = Great".

    Betting on the misinformed masses (Corporate management and marketing) the last one is probably the correct one.

  5. Jamie Kitson


    You missed the chance to use one of the best words in the English language :(

  6. fred


    Putting the K in quality

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