back to article Intel and Dixons raided by Competition Commission

Officials from the European Competition Commission, accompanied by local officials, raided Intel offices in Munich and those of Dixons Store Group International in the UK today as part of an investigation into alleged illegal collusion - that Intel and retailers worked together to fix prices. A spokesman for DSGI told the Reg …


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  1. Giles Jones Gold badge


    Shame they can't look into the practice of bundling PCs with Windows.

    Microsoft's tactics of intimidating OEMs and asking OEMs to report people asking for PCs without Windows installed (so they can report them for piracy) are much worse than those allegedly employed by Intel.

  2. Don Mitchell


    It's an interesting example of how two companies deal, or don't deal with their public image. Intel gives money to politicians, it gives money to universities, it placates the open source movement; and this has really shielded it from a lot of the political pressures that peck at Microsoft.

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