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Despite reports to the contrary, BT assures us that their Fusion product is alive and well. Still, they do admit that it's been something of a learning experience, and that they're testing a revamped service. The idea behind Fusion was solid enough; a mobile phone which connects over Bluetooth to use the fixed line when in the …


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  1. JimP

    This time...

    I bet BT marketing will mess it up yet again. Ten years ago there was the "One Phone" which was actually 2 phones, and they wanted a ridiculous amount of money for it so they hardly sold any. Intermediate incarnations were full of the sort of turn-off "features" that only fans of DRM could like. I have a fusion hub and its locked to BT so I can no longer use it, and neither can BT! (Anyone know how to unlock it?). The only good thing about such things is that the miniscule take up helps reduce the landfill produced by it. Our so called competition authorities should pull it out and do something to encourage this kind of service to be implemented such that you can choose your mobile phone service supplier independently of your broadband supplier, but I'll not hold my breath while the chocolate teapot melts.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Anyone know how to unlock it?

    Try googling ...... I understand it is possible to unlock their hubs - earlier versions could be done by BT at a cost but believe there are instructions knocking around on the interweb thingy.

  3. Scott

    Once bitten....

    Have to disagree with JimP's comments. With regards to the marketing - BT's strategy will be to get more users taking more services. I expect they'll tie this in with existing services (ie. Broadband Talk) and it'll be cheaper that previous incarnations (if you have phone/bb).

    It sounds like the missing link for BT in terms of Triple/Quad Play (ie. TV/BB/Phone/Mobile).

    Comments about competition are just naive - it's up to your phone provider if they want independence for routing calls via BB. Why would they want to give you the option to give them less money ? If you are desperate - then try configuring the SIP client found on many mobiles (that's if they haven't disabled many of its functions and your mobile has wifi).

    Nae offence - but I think you are a grumpy Fusion user, but don't have much knowledge on the technology involved and what's possible.

  4. Anthony Chambers
    Thumb Up


    That's what Fusion is! We recently got an ADSL business line installed to free us from the restraints of the company network and we noticed Fusion Devices showing up in the router's firmware. Wondered what it was. Now I know I couldn't care any less. Thanks!

  5. Chris Peterson

    BP Fusion?

    I was expecting some fusion research project sponsored by BP ("Beyond Petroleum")..

  6. Anonymous Coward

    got this

    load of crap, the phone provided never connects to the home hub, have to put wep key in manually each time, hate it hate it hate it

  7. pctechxp


    I agree with you but not quite sure how that would work from a billing point of view.

    The general idea is that you'd have one number and one bill, unless the billing was handled by a third party you couldn't possibly have a separate landline/broadband and mobile provider (unless calls made at home were completely free :-)

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