back to article Sony posts Skype-packing PSP firmware update

Today’s the day that Skype finally comes to the PlayStation Portable (PSP), along with a teaser for the forthcoming Go!Messenger application. Skype comes packaged within a firmware update, version 3.90, which Sony claimed transforms the console into a “highly cost effective and accessible portable communications device”. …


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  1. Geoff Johnson

    Here we go with the not for old PSP moaning.

    Sony won't release it for the old one and have probably just nobbled it to not work on the old PSP.

    It's all about sales.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Rolls eyes

    That geezer's holding the PSP upside down.

  3. Andy S


    I'll wait a week or so for the open version that will work on my old psp

  4. Jason Aspinall

    Why do it?

    It never ceases to amaze me the backward thinking of Sony at times. Who in their right mind is going to "upgrade" to the thin'n'light to take /advantage/ of Skype?

  5. alphaxion

    there's a reason why it's v2 only

    Unlike the apple software updates, skype requires the extra ram and the physical audio jack to work with skype.

    They're not holding back because of software but because you psp phat owners don't have the actual hardware.

    Would you be demanding video on your old 3rd gen ipod because the newer ones can? no, because your screen can't render video!

    For a change, I'd give sony a little slack on this one because there was more to the psp slim than just trimming the size, read the specs before complaining about not getting software that you can't run on your hardware!

  6. Alex

    oh ffs...

    ...then never cease to be amazed forever, Jason.

    Not sure about the idea of this, but i'll roll with it. Don't really see the reason for upgrading just for a Skype connection :o/ Remote Controlling a PS3 is enough for me :o)

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Where's my Skype for Atari Lynx update?

    I got one of the first PSPs. Man this thing has been a royal disappointment. The graphics are pretty bad (worse than XBOX gen 1) the controls are pretty bad, and worse, the games are pretty bad. Oh and battery life is... pretty bad. Also, I can't believe it requires a wall plug to do a software update. The first game I bought just before getting on an airplane. Lo and behold I couldn't play it because even though I charged the PSP all night, the game required a system update, and it wouldn't run it without the plug. There was no warning on the package of the game that it might require an A/C adapter just to play it.

    I miss my Atari Lynx.

  8. Andrew Connor
    Paris Hilton

    But what if you get a call while using your psp to watch porn in the toilet

    As the point of most modern technology is make porn more accessible to men, didn't sony realise what might hapen if you get a skype call while using your psp to watch porn over wireless whilst locked in the toilet. Presumably sony flavour skype takes advantage of the psp cam. Sorry in advance Mum, Dad, friends and colleagues.

  9. Mark
    Gates Horns

    @Anonymous Coward

    You obviously don't own a PSP, based on your comments, as everyone else's PSP load firmware from a chared battery just fine.

    Go troll somewhere else...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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