back to article Paul Burrell pulls website amid 'hate mail' blitz

The Queen of Hearts'™ former butler Paul Burrell has been forced to temporarily shut down his website following his humiliating appearance at the Lady Di inquest, the Sun reports. While the site currently offers the message "Temporarily closed, for updates and a new look... come back soon", the paper claims Burrell attracted …


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  3. Mountford D

    It's the Sado's that should be flamed

    I've met Paul Burrell and he is a really nice chap, does his job well, competent, intelligent and articulate, which is why he does what he does.

    It's the sado's that need sorting out. How many of them can honestly say they have met the late Princess and Mr Burrell personally to make a judgement against the poor guy instead of living the infatuated dream of an image of Diana as portrayed by the media and celeb mags?

    Sado's get a real life please.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Mountford D

    I hope you mean Saddos... Sado means something somewhat different :)

    Mind you, I have to say, while I agree that anyone sending hate mail to Burrell is pretty pathetic, it's hard to see him as anything other than a greedy, scheming little shit. I mean, who publishes their former employer's private mail for profit?

  5. Joe


    What have sadomasochists got to do with it?

    Or perhaps you mean the river in Portugal?

    Or the Japanese tea ceremony?

    Or the inhabitants of Sado in Japan?

    (See, Wikipedia comes in handy sometimes!)

  6. supermeerkat

    Paul Burrel

    has been blatantly cashing in on Di's legacy for the better part of a decade; at least once a year he has some new secret to reveal, some new fact. Professing love and respect for Diana, and crassly invading her (not to mention her children's) privacy etc etc

    I don't like Diana or Burrel, and now that she's dead she should be left alone and Burrel should just fuck off.

  7. Steve

    @ Mountford D

    "I've met Paul Burrell and he is a really nice chap, does his job well,"


    I may never be able to afford my own butler, but should I ever come to hire one, I would have "Keeping your goddamn mouth shut" pretty fucking high up on the essential criteria list.

    The reason people don't like is not because of the image he paints of Diana, but the fact that he paints an image at all.

  8. Les Matthew

    @Mountford D

    "I've met Paul Burrell and he is a really nice chap"

    You've met him once?

    And you now know him well enough do you?

  9. The Avangelist

    Has that been hacked?

    Is that seriously his website, that is shitter than the excrement that comes from his vulgarous mouth.

  10. Mountford D

    I surrender!

    I am not making a judgement call on Paul Burrell nor am I saying he is cleaner than clean, and no, I don't know him well enough on the single chance meeting I had with him but we did have an "ordinary" conversation much like the ones you have when you meet someone you know by sight in a pub.

    I had a drink with him and we talked about the event we were at without touching any of the controversial issues surrounding him. On the strength of that I found him to be more decent (or appeared to be) than some of the people I work for/with. What he does with his life is none of my business and if he chooses to cash in on his former employer, that's his choice. He will probably never find employment in a confidential role again and therefore has to resort to doing what he does.

    On the other hand, the Sados - I mean Saddos should still get a life and not make personal judgement calls on someone they have never met.

  11. Bob

    @ AC

    Anonymous Coward said "I mean, who publishes their former employer's private mail for profit?"

    I agree, i publish my current employer's private mail for the sheer amusement :P

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I found it hard not to see Diana as anything other then an anorexic publicity grabbing scheaming greedy shit.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    I've never met Burrell

    But my neighbour has and she knows where he lives.

    Maybe I should eBay that information and see how far *his* expectations of confidentiality extend? :) Because he certainly seems to be "in hiding" right now.

    Posting anon otherwise you'll work out from my previous posts that he's in Shropshire. Which is funny because she was the Queen of Herts.

  14. Mike Crawshaw

    1-trick pony

    The man's a tool. I'm no Diana fan, and I'm sick to death of hearing more about her every time I turn on the news 10 years on.

    But this guy? Christ. Everything he has done for the last forever has been based on "I was once Princess Di's butler, don't you know?" - I had the misfortune to accidentally (whilst channel-hopping a few days ago) hit on "American Princess". Where Paul Burrell uses his "intimate knowledge of how a princess should behave" etc etc to turn American trailer-trash kids into princesses. Or something. (If you happen to fancy turning your brain into cheese one evening, try it.)

    Admittedly, I wouldn't waste the time to go to his website and send abuse. But I'm grateful that all the "Di-Hards" (sorry, couldn't resist...) are doing so, as it keeps them the hell away from me!

  15. Andy


    please stop.

    she's dead, he's made his money. and people who buy into this crap just drop it already, so the tabloids and celeb magazines move on?

    oh, and can all celebrety magazine employee's report to the industrial sized wood chipper out the front. apparently there is a big scientific experiment to see if this raises the average IQ of the general public.

  16. Ian McNee
    IT Angle

    First against the wall come the revolution

    Oh please! This self-deluding flunkey, his deceased aristocratic (people's princess my arse!) former boss and the losers who follow the stories of these parasites on society as if they actually matter in any meaningful way should all be first against the wall come the revolution. Yes! Dig up her corpse and shoot her again!

    Why have royal stories in El Reg anyway? So one loser got flamed by a bunch of other losers? Not an IT story. If his site had been pWn3d by the Hackney Marxist-Leninist Popular Front and replaced with bolshevik propaganda *that* would have been an IT story, just desserts and bloody funny all at the same time.

    Comrade McNee

    Makhno Ukrainian Anarchist Army (Wolverhampton Branch)

  17. Matthew

    Burrell = parasite

    I never 'got' the whole Diana thing in the first place. The people who were grief-crazed when she died just seem like nutters to me: how can you be filled with grief for someone you've only seen in pictures?

    But Burrell breached his employer's confidences - repeatedly - for profit and has built a career solely around what he used to do. He has no fame of his own and is the ultimate parasite, living off the memory of someone else's celebrity.

    While he continues to spout such crap about being Diana's trusted confidante and relied upon for his discretion - and then betray those trusts in the next breath - he'll continue to be disliked. Quite simply he can't expect to be popular *AND* rich. If he'd kept shtum, he'd have our respect, but none of the lucrative products and interviews. By all means let this tawdry apology of a human being sell every last one of the secrets he promised to keep: but don't expect him to be admired for it!

  18. Anonymous Coward

    I suspect he is misquoting his former employer.

    She actually said that he was a "cock".

  19. Anonymous Coward

    First against the wall when the revolution comes? Sorry he has to get in line...

    First against the wall when the revolution comes is the lawyers.

    Second against the wall will be the accountants, but only after they've counted the lawyers and worked out how much better society will be without them.

    After that, you can have your Paul Burrell's, Mohamed Al Fayed, Gordie Broons, Jacki (I can't even spell my own name right so how do you expect me to be a competent Home Secretary) Smith etc etc...

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Ian and AC: Really?

    The first against the wall when the revolution comes should clearly be anyone who draws a paycheck solely because they are part of a gigantic bureaucracy which extorts money from private citizens at gunpoint, simply so they can pay spin doctors billions of pounds to explain to the citizens why it's good and just that their money should be taken away at gunpoint. Why blame the lawyers? They're just satisfying a market that was mainly created by the government's law-o-philia. Don't scatter food all over the kitchen floor and then act as if the rats are evil because they showed up to eat it.

    I have a feeling that the first against the wall when the revolution comes will be the revolutionaries who can't agree who should be first against the wall.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Hackney Marxist-Leninist Popular Front

    Now that you bring this up and although it's off topic, on the off chance that anybody has got the other 41.1% of Citizen Smith please start seeding it.

  22. Tawakalna

    oh noes!

    Diana's dead?

  23. Rodrigo Andrade

    @Tawakalna: I got a better one for you.

    Who the hell is this Diana person, anyway?

  24. stizzleswick

    Surely the first against the wall...

    ...when the revolution comes will be the marketing department of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation?

  25. spezzer


    just clicked in the PB site link - thats not Paul Burrell - thats Nice Tim but Dim aka Harry Enfield! Lets face it, poor old Nice but Dim wouldnt know any better - after all hes just selling some old stuff that belonged to that posh chick he used to make cups of tea for.

  26. Sceptical Bastard
    Paris Hilton

    The Butler did it!

    (Paris icon in honour of her predecessor as world's dumbest eye-candy.)

    The main reason, as most UK-based El Reg readers will know, that the porous butler (love that 'porous' jibe BTW) is in the news ATM is because of the ongoing Diana inquest. But, although he may be an exploitative self-regarding prat, the butler is not the villain of the piece and doesn't deserve to receive hate mail.

    The bad guy here is 'Mad Mo' Fayed . Send the hate mail to him.

    The sole reason the British taxpayer is paying up to £10million to rake over these ten-year-old events is that Mad Mo will not let the dead rest.

    I've got a message for you, Fayed. Your wastrel son and his bit of posh died because their car hit a concrete pillar at high speed while being driven by a drunken driver. And because they were too fucking arrogant or stupid to use their seat belts.

    No-one murdered them. It wasn't a conspiracy. It was a drink-drive accident. What's more, the Dimbo wasn't up the duff and she was probably no more likely to marry Dodi as Dido or Dando.

    Get real, Fayed! Go back to your shopkeeping, you nutter, and let it rest - we're bloody sick of it all.

    @ Ian McNee

    Are you Hackney Marxist-Leninist Popular Front? Or are you the Marxist-Leninist Popular Front of Hackney?

  27. Daniel

    Mountford D

    you met Burrell? would you consider making a website about him? I'm sure that we could find a way to make it pay, you know. And Max Clifford once threw up in my grandma's rosebushes, I think I still have his phone number ...

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