back to article Nude Italian models in kit-on protest

Italian nude models have hit art schools where it hurts by resolutely refusing to get their kit off in a strike over pay and conditions, the Times reports. The protestors are demanding “professional recognition” and full-time contracts in an industry where just 50 of 300 nude models have "fixed annual contracts", while the …


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  1. Smallbrainfield


    Gumph!! Fnarr fnarr!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Has to be said...

    Where are the pictures?

    El reg is really slacking on this one!

  3. Chris Matchett
    IT Angle

    Where's the IT angle?

    *lifts flabby buttock*

    Oh nevermind. Found it.

  4. Chizo Ejindu
    IT Angle


    It's a shame you can't have more than one pic, this article deserves a Paris Hilton pic and Coat pic as well as an IT angle pic :P

  5. Andrew


    Portraits or it didn't happen!

  6. Mike Crawshaw
    IT Angle

    I Look Forward...

    To El Reg's report on when fashion models join with these oppressed women, and, in the spirit of unity, refuse to put clothes on. Preferably with pictures, thanks.

    Oh, did the Japanese tourists use digital cameras? That must be the IT angle, then...

  7. Pete James

    215 x 102.5

    I shall be keeping abreast of this story as it develops. Hopefully passions will remain flaccid amongst the Italians too.

    These puns are going to be the death of me, they really are........

  8. Steve

    "our privacy was violated"

    "Once a group of about 30 Japanese tourists turned up and started taking photographs. I had to cover myself up quickly.”

    Hold on, you got naked in a public place and were surprised when people took photos. Where the hell was this? If 30 of them turned up at once, it sounds like she was obviously on the route of a guided tour.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Getting to the bottom of a rather striking model

    "Education ministry official Nando Dalla Chiesa confirmed he'd agreed to meet the striking models, concluding: "We need to get to the bottom of this.""

    Wonderfully-phrased sentence there! I doubt you could fit as much subtle smut and innuendo into anything else. I'm sure I would, er, come to the same conclusion as Mr Chiesa. Good work!

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Money for mummies

    They pay a naked 42 year old money? STRIKE!

    Oh I seem to have missed the point.....

  11. Jamal
    Gates Horns


    want the IT angle? google this - "IT angle"

  12. Law
    IT Angle

    RE: LOL

    I just realised while looking at the list on google that I really don't read El Reg for the IT angle.... its like a day-by-day blow of the stories I open in new tabs, leaving all that "work related" news behind!

    One of best Non-IT Angle titles:

    Wanted: seasoned w**nkers for online ejaculation pole

  13. Feargal Reilly


    Thank you, I wonder can I create a Google News Alert based on that, will keep me from wading through all the rubbishisy tech stories.

  14. Chris C


    So this woman voluntarily chose a profession in which she voluntarily takes her clothes off and poses nude, with the intention of people drawing her nude form. So my logical mind comes up with:

    1) She voluntarily removes her clothes and poses for people to draw her. If that does not "violate [her] privacy", then why do people taking pictures? Is it that the pictures are an accurate representation and not the artists' representation? If you've agreed to pose nude, you agreed to give up your privacy while posing, whether there are 5 people present or 500.

    2) She's upset that she doesn't get paid 25 euro per hour for sitting naked, literally doing nothing? Guess what, I'm upset I can't get that, too. But some of us work for a living. Don't get me wrong, I can imagine that it is a difficult or uncomfortable job, but it's not like it requires a whole lot of skill. Strength and fitness, yes, but skill, no. Also, let's not forget that 25 euros per hour is 50,000 euros per year at a typical 8-hour-per-day 50-week-per-year job.

    3) Do any other kind of models get a fixed annual salary (fashion models, billboard models, TV models, etc)? No. So why should nude models? Fixed annual salaries are for people who work consistent hours (typically M-F 8-5 here in the U.S.). Almost nobody gets a fixed annual salary for limited, infrequent, or intermittent work.

  15. Tawakalna
    IT Angle


    in Italy, art schools are open to the public, and they're often located in accademia that are adjacent to famous galleries. So for example, after an afternoon tootling around the Brera, one can wander into the art class and watch some students life-drawing (which is the most important and fundamental skill an artist should endeavour to master, for a whole host of reasons - tone, proportion, line, volume, etc.)

    Art models are in many parts of Italy state employees and union members, and as such have formal rights which are used to determine pay and conditions. Therefore they can't always just be *replaced* as casual labour, and often have a long-standing relationship with the art school where they work.

    Further, as art schools and colleges are a huge moneymaker for the Italian economy, with many domestic and foreign students who come specifically for the immersion into Italy's vast artistic heritage, labour disputes in this sector, albeit rare, have an effect quite out of proportion to their numbers or pay scales. I can't see rich Americans forking out for their kid's life classes in Milano when all the life models are on strike?

    dov'e lo scopo IT?

  16. Herby Silver badge

    IT Angle?

    We all wonder, but the truth is that any description of a beautiful female form ALWAYS has an IT angle. It is implied. The more pictures, the more the IT angle. Everyone in the deprived IT sector knows that (or should know it!).

    Out the door....over to the pub/donut shop/etc...

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "Hold on, you got naked in a public place and were surprised when people took photos."

    They are paid to attend a private class with the express purpose of being drawn/painted by aspiring artists.

    Nude photography is a different job with different pay rates. Also, while art students' work rarely leaves the portfolio, digital photos go on Bebo. Finally, while nude photography is considered an artform by some, random tourists are generally considered "snappers" not "artists".

    Really, do you consider everything you do in public to be public property? How would you feel if you went to a karaoke drunk and you found out that your tone-deaf version of Bat Out Of Hell was being passed around as a ring tone? That's what we call invasion of privacy.

  18. heystoopid
    Paris Hilton


    Say would this be new career opportunity of a poor fading ham fisted Disney Child Star whose addiction to booze , drugs and the opposite gender has effectively killed off her remaining film career , to give her a new direction in life ?

  19. Sweep
    IT Angle

    Screw the IT angle

    How many other regular readers have absolutely no interest in reading about IT?

    The main advantage of El Reg is that the comments are (usually) fairly intelligent and well-informed, even if the stories are mostly sourced from the Daily Mail.

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