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The search for more stuff to sell to mobile phone owners, who have had their fill of Crazy Frogs and versions of Tetris, continues with celebrity autographs from Mobile Fun. The initial selection of autographs are of the long dead, who are unlikely to sue, but Mobile Fun reckons there's potential to hook up with living …


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  1. Les Matthew


    You get a copy of an autograph. ;)

  2. Rich

    How very useful

    Yes, I can see how having hundreds of autographs in my back pocket could help tremendously with.....

    ....errrr .....errrrr

    .....anyway, it's useful. DEFINITELY!

    Where do I sign?...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Pay for autographs?

    Please tell me that no-one is so terminally stupid that they'll actually hand money out for a virtual scribble of ink?

    How do these people get to drive cars or not fall into rivers and die at an early age?

    Paris. Just because.

  4. Anonymous Coward


    crazy frog managed to make a hell of a lot of money, never underestimate the ability of absolute trash to sell.

    What this says for the future of the human race is beyond me...

    /I'm leaving before it gets any worse.

  5. Rob

    So err...

    What's to stop me downloading the 'autographs' from the website you linked to? It's not as if the word "PREVIEW" has been done in a sensible way that distorts the handwriting. Out of the 26 or so autographs there there's only about 5 you couldn't edit the PREVIEW out of without a bit of effort and even then it's probably not that hard.

    So they want to start a new craze eh? Well i've now got 26 autographs in my collection, so who want's to buy them off me?

  6. Jeremy
    Paris Hilton

    Re: Pay for autographs?

    > Please tell me that no-one is so terminally stupid that they'll actually

    > hand money out for a virtual scribble of ink?

    It's not quite as dumb as one I saw advertised on TV a couple of years back:

    "Turn your mobile into a torch for just £1.50"

    That's right, it was an entirely blank, white wallpaper.

    It's amazing what you can sell to stupid people, isn't it...

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No Clarkson :-(

    They've not got Clarkson's signature :-( Might be handy along with his bank account

    # and sort code.

  8. BoldMan
    Paris Hilton

    This stuff dribbling out of their ears? Yup its their brains...

    Who the hell thought this scheme up?

    Ooo yes I MUST have Aldous Huxley's autograph on my phone - it will make my life COMPLEAT!!!!!

    Paris Icon coz she will definitely want Jean Paul Satre's autograph to help her deal with her existential angst...

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    (the sound of the barrel being well and truly scraped).

    Is this it? Is this what we have become?

    with the p-p-power of modern phones, there are so many potential applications to be had...

    And we get offered...Autographs? ringtones?

    re:ringtones, HTC audio manager has the right idea.

    Put Mp3 on phone, hit "make ringtone", choose start and end points. That's how it should be done.

    Ringtone charts, my arse. I've paid for the bleeding music already, goddammit!


  10. Fluffykins Silver badge
    Paris Hilton


    Can we have a bit more authenticity with the description of sounds, please. Something along the lines of Mad magazine.

    I'm sure the sound of a barrel being scraped is more like "Schqueeezzzkkthhh"

    Paris Hilton because I'd like to do something that goes "squelshhh schlok schlok schlok schlok schlok schlok schlok schlokschlokschlokschlokschlokschlok Ahhhh"

  11. Shaun

    RE: kzzrrrt

    Cheers! didn't realise it did that!

  12. Scott
    Jobs Halo

    Cult of celebrity

    I how many of the signatures will be from nobel prize winners and how many from the latest pop idol/sporting "role model"

    While the initial selection appears to include a large percentage of people who actually did something, I think this will go downhill fast.

    I'm sure that the people who want Winston Churchill's signature would have enough smarts to get it on their phone

    Although if they can get Steve's signature for the iphone they have a ready market of fanbois who will be happy to party with their hard earned dosh

  13. Pierre Silver badge

    What I'd be definitely wanting to pay...

    ... (a moderate amount of) money for, is the complete autographed list of dummies who will actually purchase an autograph. For my personnal collection of terminally braindead dumbasses.

    As I don't own an evil money-eating mobe [BTW, I really like the "mob" in "mobe"] myself, I'd like to get it as an OpenDocumenT file (OOXML is a no-go) -with the autographs as PNGs. Where can I find that? The very same place where I can find OGG ringtones maybe?

  14. Fred Pilcher

    It was an understatement

    Wasn't it PT Barnum who said "You'll never go broke underestimating the taste of the American public"?

  15. tony trolle
    Paris Hilton


    what would you do with it ? show your mate down the pub ?

    " look I got 'deadbloke' autograph"

    Would they care or even better; know the autograph was correct ?

    Why not use paint and make a fake one.

    Funny just googled ms hilton and found a autograph on goantiques dot com.

  16. andy gibson

    If only...

    there was the power to send a million volts direct to the handset to zap the purchaser of such pap, the world would surely be a better place.

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