back to article I am Legend hints at Batman-Superman movie

We're obliged to Michael Moran over at the Times for alerting us to a good piece of work by Ain’t It Cool who spotted this provocative movie poster in the background of Will Smith vehicle I am Legend: Batman-Superman film poster seen in I am Legend The release date for the film is apparently 15 May 2010, although despite …


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  1. Karim Bourouba

    imdb explains all


    There is a JLA film due in 2010:

    old news I believe (with out sounding like the comic shop dude from the Simpsons)

  2. Philip Cheeseman

    Looks like AMD are still going too

    I'll get my coat...

  3. Lickass McClippers

    So I wasn't the only one... wonder about that..??

  4. Anonymous Coward

    It must be a joke...

    ...there's no way AMD will still be in business in 2010. :-)

  5. Robert Sharl

    Slow news day?

    Yeah I spotted that. I though "I wish I was watching /that/ now, rather than this POS".

  6. Christopher E. Stith

    Will Smith vehicle?

    The movie is based on a novel. It's been a movie before -- twice. I fail to see how it's a vehicle specifically for Will Smith's name and fortune.

    The book is "I Am Legend", by Richard Matheson and first published in 1954. The 1995 edition's ISBN is ISBN 031286504X.

    The two previous movies were the 1964 film starring Vincent Price called "The Last Man on Earth" and the 1971 film "The Omega Man" which starred Charlton Heston. has lots of listings for different editions and prices.

  7. stalker

    am i the only one...

    Who really liked this film? I thought it was well shot, well acted and very enjoyable...a classic? no, but an enjoyable boxing day movie :-) I'm not getting into the whys and wherefores, but I hate to say it...I liked the book, but the only way it could ever be made for screen faithfully would be to make it a ghey vampire movie. so there.

    On the subject of films, all the posters featured in the times square are flicks which have either been green-lit and dropped, or in production at some point, although none of them are slated for "real" release dates.


  8. Sub-Vulture II

    I liked it

    Rotten Hollywood-bollocks last act and really inexcusably bad vampires/zombies/w'eva (I gather they used actual meatsacks to start with, then it was decided that they weren't realistic enough... heh, there's an indictment of something), but otherwise I thought it was terrific, very brave and unusual action movie. And yes I about lost my shit more than once.

    Imagine if they'd stuck with Arnie for the main role. Brrrr. The raw emotion.

  9. Andy G


    my son and i went to watch this film and we both agreed it was a great film right up until the point the chick got involved. went drastically downhill from there !!

    are we the only ones with this opinion ??

  10. Andy G


    Its nice to see Mcdonalds are still going too !!!!!

    /taxi !!!!

  11. Demian Phillips
    Black Helicopters


    The JLA toys using that logo are out right now.

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