back to article PlayStation phone 'plausible, attractive' - Sony exec

A Sony executive has hinted that its PlayStation division and Sony Ericsson divisions may work together in the future, paving the way for the development of a PSP-cum-phone. Sony PSP handheld gaming... er... telephone The shape of things to come? Sony Computer Entertainment’s co-COO, Jim Ryan, speaking to India's Economic …


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  1. M Brown


    Sorry, yes I'm 26 and shouldn't be laughing at this but.....teehee...cum-phone

  2. Tony Barnes

    Great idea

    I'd be happy if they just stuck all the required GSM kit into a standard PSP.

    That way I could get it "free" with my next contract, far better than me never buying one...

    ...of course, they'd also have to cram in a 7mp camera with optical zoom, a nice touch screen, a good 10gb flash drive, etc... will be a bargain no doubt.

    (one question though, is "applying the PlayStation brand to a series of mobile phones", a good thing, given the current feeling of the PS3?)

  3. A. Lewis

    Yeah that'll work..

    Does Sony have a 'Vice President in charge of misjudging customer perceptions and market trends'? Or is that part of Sony Executive basic training?

    Just look at how well mobile phone gaming worked out for nokia with the n-gage.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    PSP cum phone?

    Why am I thinking of a scene from "Something About Mary"?

  5. Anonymous Coward

    A truly mult-function device?

    A PSP-cum-phone?

    PSP is reasonably clear. PlayStation Portable

    Phone - short for telephone. Something noisy you stick in your ear.

    Cum - a limited (and quite alarming) excursion into Google suggests that this is a term much used by the porn industry.


    Is it made from it?

    Do you use it to?

    Or what?

    At least we may not have to search too hard for the Paris Hilton angle :-)

    I'll get me (long brown, slightly grubby) coat, then.

  6. Joe Blogs

    Lets hope

    that if they do someone will have the sense to put speaker & mic on the front and not the back so that people can't see the screen when making a phone call!!!

  7. Luiz Abdala

    That picture...

    ... suggests a jumbo-size LCD screen on a phone, and that´s great battery life expectancy. That thing barely fits the guy's hands. I would like to see any 100-pound kid using that, he would need conterweights, or lean right (in the case) in search of a new gravity center.

    I bet he can´t find a pocket that large either.

    At least there will be plenty of room for a touch-keyboard (a standard 101-keys full fledged keyboard, that is).

    "Is that a psp-cum-phone in your pants (sic) or are you just happy to see me?"

    At least the cops will easily get any schmuck fined in an attempt to use that thing while driving, since the brightly lit screen will be visible from miles away, warning other drivers about the immediate hazard. The cons surpasses the pros, or everybody would be putting GSM chips in their 17-inch laptops and using them as mobile phones. While driving.


  8. Sampler

    The resurrection of sideways talking?

    But a bluetooth headset hook-up would make sense.

  9. Thomas
    Dead Vulture

    A truly unique and original idea!

    A blending of games console and mobile phone will be a sure-fire market winner. And I'm sure the two remaining N-Gage users out there will agree with me.


  10. Neil

    NGage anyone?

    That was really a market success. I can see why Sony want to emulate it.

    @Tony. Whats wrong with the PS3? I think it's great.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Remember Sidetalking?

    Remember 'sidetalking' the Nokia Ngage phenomenon?

  12. Tony Barnes

    @ Neil

    Lets see - it's far too expensive, doesn't have any particularly decent launch titles, and because Sony were a complete bunch of 'tards who jumped on the Wii inspired six-axis plan B - leaving the PS3 without vibration, even though the company they, Microsoft, and presumably others, nicked the idea of, can offer the 2 in 1 package - senors + vibration....

    Oh, and the fact that they keep on changing it's spec - kinda indicates that they're not even happy with it.

    I'll get one in 2 or 3 years - when the games can actually use the cell chip properly, and it costs less than a car. Oh, and hopefully, it will have vibration...!!

    (yes, I badgered on about lack of vibe a lot - sorry, but IMO it's a step back to the playstation 1 FFS!)

  13. W

    Cybershot, Walkman...

    Done correctly, it wouldn't be such a crazy idea.

    Think of Playstation or PSP as a brand rather than a device and you're half way there.

    Sony Ericsson have some clearly defined and succesful product lines with the Cybershot mobiles and Walkman mobiles.

    It's not beyond the bounds of possibility that they could extend this to PlayStation mobiles. Maybe even Vaio mobiles could be a go-er.

    Perhaps Bravia phones would be silly though, eh? And the moment for Betamax or Trinitron mobiles has surely passed.

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