back to article Fox News: Filthier than the internet

College geek web aggregator Digg has banned a satircal site that takes aim at Fox News' predilection for broadcasting salacious stories. uses clips from the angry channel to suggest that its shoutily conservative stance on political issues is somewhat at odds with the number of stories it airs about such …


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  1. Andrew

    oblig. Simpsons quote

    You know, Fox turned into a hardcore sex channel so gradually, I didn't even notice.

  2. Glynn Williams
    Paris Hilton

    Where's the...

    Paris Hilton Angle...

    Oh... Right there! :P

    I'll get my coat!

  3. Rich


    I've never quite got the strange values that the American media and the public at large seems to have.

    It seems perfectly ok to shoot each other. In fact it's actively encouraged. It seems ok to go and invade some foreign country and blow everyone up. While we're at it, we'll kidnap a few of them and take them to Camp-Z and do all sorts of horrid things to them (but we don't talk about that). The US is THE biggest producer of porn in the world.

    All these things seem to be perfectly reasonable in the land of the free, and most of them seem to be aired on telly on a regular basis.

    But you're in DEEP SHIT if you (SHOCK!) expose a nipple on telly or say "fuck" or (now this is DEEEEEP SHIT!) say something like "I don't like our president" or (MUCH *MUCH* deeper shit...) say "I don't think god exists"!

    Any of the above could get you arrested, land you in jail, send you out of business, get you shunned from your community, or prompt people not to buy your CDs any more.

    Weird doesn't come close!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Daily Paris


  5. Anonymous Coward


    Gosh your stuupid...

    You can't have pron as it show naked men, as only queers want naked men, but you can't have girl on girl action as it's not in the bible and as for going solo! Hell fire and dam nation on your.

    Nipples? Well they are only used for porn and personal pleasue and serve no other purpose, so see above.

    Swearing...wash you mouth out...

    As for you, you blasphemer... i'll burn you at the stake for being a warlock...

    However, killing people in the name of faith is in the bible, so thats ok....

  6. Jim Corrado
    Black Helicopters

    Re: Odd

    Nip slips and profanity are verboten in the states because the airwaves are controlled by the government and regulated by the FCC, who in turn is run by political appointees of the current administration. The beef is that the profanity and images of naughty parts would be able to be seen by kiddies... and because parents abdicate responsibility to TV without supervision, those same asshats get upset when they see something Junior shouldn't see. And yes, these are the same asshats that voted for Bush Jr. and he acts accordingly.

    But the real root cause of the censorship is because the pilgrims left merry ol' England because you all were (are?) a bunch of sinners. We've loosened up a bit, but there are still enough vocal zealots that cause the politicians to scurry around when they whine.

    But you are in error when you claim we can't say crap about the mentally defective pseudo-emperor we have elected. See? I just did it. Same goes with religious preference.

  7. Paul


    SPOT ON!

    Mind you, if they run true to form, someone is going to try to sue you.

  8. joe


    Actually the FCC broadcast decency rules wouldn't apply to Fox news anyway, since it's a cable channel and they apply only to terrestrial broadcast channels.

  9. Jeff Wojciechowski
    Thumb Up

    @Jim Corrado: Asshats....

    One of the many words that people don't use enough!!!

  10. sean

    after seeing that, all i can say is ...

    "oh for fox sake!"

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    @Jeff Wojciechowski: @Asshats...

    I personally prefer the term "Ass clown"...

  12. Anonymous Coward


    I was born and raised in the US, and reside in the US. And I have to wholeheartedly agree with every point you make. Not all of us are warmongering prudes with double-digit IQs, just most of us :P

  13. Simon Ball
    Thumb Up

    More relevant Simpsons quote

    "Fox deliberately runs shows that will earn them huge fines, which are then funnelled through the FCC straight to the Republican Party!"

    Simpsons 18x22 - You Kent Always Say What You Want

    Good episode, that.

  14. Lee
    Thumb Down


    has pulled the clip.

    alternative, anyone?

  15. Tony
    Thumb Up


    Works for me.

  16. yeah, right.


    Oh, it's that American right-wing pseudo-christian propaganda channel, right? It's not available where I am currently, so I just keep hearing bits and pieces. Do people actually believe what they say?

  17. Keith T

    Americans being prudish has little to do with GWB

    Americans have always been very reluctant to have anything remotely sexual on TV. Their sexual prudishness predates GWB by a century or more. Violence is okay, but any kind of sex, side views of a nipple, bare bums, sexual comments, has been pretty much banned from broadcast TV channels.

    Fox News is a cable TV channel, and I think cable TV channels have more relaxed restrictions.

  18. Frantisek Janak

    Update required, maybe?

    Check it out:

    Looks legit, check out user's profile:

  19. Eric Olson


    The Puritans/pilgrims were kicked out because there were too uptight even by English standards.

    I blame you, England. You can have them back.

  20. Sergei Andropov

    @yeah, right

    Yes, unfortunately some do. I'm a regular at a watchdog blog that monitors FOX (, and you wouldn't believe some of the stuff we get in our comments section.

  21. Mr Larrington
    Black Helicopters


    Can anyone explain to me why it is that Ewan McGregor is allowed so say "fuck" on BBC2, but Charlie Brooker isn't?

  22. GrahamT

    @Mr Larrington

    Ewan McGregor is Scottish, who as everyone knows, are unable to string two words together without swearing, whereas Charlie Boorman is English, and should know better.

  23. triky
    Thumb Up

    about nipples

    on my first trip back to the US since i was a kid, i was more than amused when the taxi man who drove me from the airport asked if it was true that in France (which is where i live) they had nipples airing on deodorant commercials and that as a result of this, french people were porn-loving shameless nudists... that comment was worth the whole rubbish business trip... thank you illinois.

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