back to article Canada wins the great co-ed cluster challenge

Canuck pride carried Team Canada to victory in the first ever Cluster Challenge event here at Supercomputing. Six university teams gathered at the Supercomputing conference to take part in the Cluster Challenge. The rules of the contest stated that only undergraduates could build the clusters. In addition, the teams only had …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Coat, left, exit...........

    ''they had to discuss their hardware and software in an eloquent fashion when probed by judges.''

    So it does have a paris hilton angle.

  2. Shawn Thomas


    If you're going to use Canadian stereotypes, at least use them correctly. The article subtitle should read, "Nice box, eh? Give me a beer."

    It's "eh", not "ey".


    The Canadian Brand Police :)

  3. Mike


    "when probed by judges"...and we all know how painful THAT can be.

  4. brainwrong

    26 amps

    At what voltage? That's a totally meaningless statement on its own.

  5. Thorin

    RE: 26 amps

    I think it's fair to assume standard'ish power supplies so likely 110v (maybe 220v).

  6. Peter


    In Canada, the voltage would be 120V.

  7. B Gracey


    Erm, no... in Canada the voltage can be anything, just as it can in any other part of the world. Just because the standard AC outlet hovers around 120V, does not mean they didn't have two (or more) phases available. 208V or 240V are just as likely to be available as 120V in North America, depending upon the venue.

    And if I am not mistaken, SC07 took place in Reno, NV... nowhere near Canada.

    brainwrong is right... 26A means nothing out of context. Maybe it's 26A on the 5V rail - i.e. one standard power supply. We may never know.

  8. Ashlee Vance (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: Voltage

    Sorry, should have put this in the story. From the cluster challenge site

    "A single 30 amp, 110 volt circuit will be provided with a soft cap at 26 amps. Alarms will be sent electronically if power draw exceeds this amount and penalties may be assessed for excess draw."

This topic is closed for new posts.

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