back to article VC legend Perkins regrets HP debacle and taunting the poor

Mr Big Yacht Tom Perkins had decided that um, gee, well, er, maybe he didn't handle the whole HP spy scandal thing as well as he could have. The famed venture capitalist will apparently reveal his regret during an upcoming interview with the octogenarian-based newscast 60 Minutes. In some teaser material for the Sunday show, …


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  1. Daintree Peters


    Is anyone at the Reg not pimping a book at the moment?

  2. Ashlee Vance (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: Pimped

    Actually, I may have done so much shameless self-promotion that you've confused me with multiple writers. Who else do you have in mind?


  3. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    RE:RE: Pimped

    Are you hoping the proceeds will buy you a mega-yatch, Ash?

  4. Ashlee Vance (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: RE:RE: Pimped

    Think my proceeds will lead to little more than a DVD of the MegaStreissand South Park episode.


  5. Gareth

    RE: Re: RE:RE: Pimped

    _Buying_ DVDs, Ash? You must be on Comcast. :-)

  6. Damien Jorgensen


    I can see everyone at the Register is still using Yahoo, if you'd googled the yahut the price is quite easy to get

This topic is closed for new posts.

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