back to article Sony: we'll have sold 132m PS2s by 31 March 08

Sony expects to have sold 132m PlayStation 2s worldwide by the end of March 2008, boosting the console’s current seven-year sales figures by 12m within five months. PS2 Sony's PS2: still a contender The company claims it's already sold 120m PS2s worldwide, since unveiling the gaming unit in the US on 26 October 2000. Of …


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  1. Steve Barnes
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    DVD format

    Well let's face it, it did in part establish the DVD format. It was mine & many other people's first DVD player. It was affordable and did the job whilst all other standard DVD players were still far too expensive.

    And yes, it also brought us some of the best games in history :)

  2. Jules75
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    It's true - well for me anyway

    The PS2 was my first DVD player and my only one for sometime. It was a great introduction to the format. It's the same story for my PS3. It's a fantastic BR player, and if you compare it to other BR stand alone players, it's a bargain considering you get a next gen games machine.

    And as for the games on the PS2, well, how long have you got...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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