back to article BMW gives away 5 Series and $850k

Our very own John Lettice was very pleased with himself earlier this afternoon since he'd just been handed a shiny new Beemer 5 series and a whopping $850k. Yes, we know what you're thinking - "That's completely ridiculous, why on earth would BMW give away a car and a big, big suitcase full of cash?" Well, it must be true, …


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  1. Luke Wells
    Paris Hilton

    Free warranty

    Wow! A whole year of free waranty.

    Quick, let me send all my personal details. I've sent my credit card details as well just incase they need to "process" my prize, as they usually do.

    Where is the Paris Hilton angle?

  2. Ferry Boat

    induced electromotive force

    He may not be the proud owner of a new BMW + cash but he's still a 'Lucky Email Owner'.

    I never get lucky email to own.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    1 year warranty?

    Whatever happened to superior Bavarian engineering. Even Skodas come with 3 year warranty these days.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Leave Stamford alone!

    Why are they picking on Stamford, it's a lovely part of the country and only an idiot would think that

    22 Garden Close,

    Stamford Lincs,

    PE9 2YP


    United Kingdom

    Mind you I live in Belgium, so what do I know...

  5. This post has been deleted by its author

  6. Mike Arthur

    free?? from BMW

    Surely the promise of ANYTHING free from BMW is enough to show that this email is bogus??

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Im curious. How do they convert that information into cash?

    Theres no account info or bank details or anything.?

  8. Rick
    IT Angle


    Hmm me thinks this car is also made in Lagos. Even "American" made car's built and shipped to the US come with a 5 to 7 year bumper to bumper warranty. but the suitcase of cash is probably to cover all the repairs that will fall outside of the one year warranty. Lastly since it has not been spoken yet. Where is the I/T angle on this?

  9. h

    re:- How?

    With the details they have asked for, they can get credit, be it cards loan etc.. all against the senders name.

    This is what everyone forgets, It's not just bank details they need.

  10. Mike Lovell

    @Jesus Puncher

    If you're curious, why not send off your details - See if they can manage it.

  11. Tom Silver badge

    Undisclosed receipiants (the clue)

    You would think that only one prize of this magnitude would be offered. Then again, if there is more than one winner (based on how many emails went out) it would likely bankrupt the company. Now if Microsoft would send out these offers and add in $800k+ of loot to all the email addresses listed it might work, they DO have a bunch of cash.

    Let's see: New headline: "Microsoft cash award might bankrupt company" Put your short sales in now. Stock will go down.

    Ah.... two scams in one. Where is the PDF file and audio track.

  12. gabor

    To h

    yeah, and it's interesting that whenever I want something from the bank, they check and double check and triple check whether it's me and indeed me changing my (and only my) address. So one definitely wants to ask the question of: HOW. (not looking for an answer here, I think everyone gets my point)

  13. John Parker

    Re: How...?

    Check out "419 eater" on google... it's a site where people bait the scammers, pretending to be taken in by the ruse, then publish the finished bait on the forums. Most education :)

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: How...?

    You can bet there'd be an 'admin fee' to pay somewhere along the line if you were so extraordinarily stupid to try to claim this unbelievable prize.

  15. Jon
    Black Helicopters

    So it's not real then...

    ... All a scam....

    ...I can't get a free BMW to go with my millions of dollars that I'm going to get from the guy who's trying to get all his money out before it gets nabbed by the government..

    .. And all those mortgages I've been approved of, what about them???

    Oh this is all so disappointing..

  16. Sceptical Bastard

    Yeah, but who'd actuall WANT a Beemer?

    This scam is obviously aimed only at coke dealers, pimps and middle managers.

  17. Jon Tocker

    @ Rick

    Where's the IT angle? It's an email claiming the recipient has won a prize. Google "Advanced Fee Scam".

    It's a 419 variant, therefore an IT issue.

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