back to article MySpace opens up to developers

MySpace will open up to third party developers within the next few months. Facebook opened up its APIs in May this year and has been rewarded with a flood of applications written by third parties for the site. Although MySpace still claims the number one social networking spot, Facebook has seen fast growth this year as it …


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  1. Fenwar

    Facebook chief executive Chris DeWolfe... clearly a very sporting man, sharing a platform with the owner of his site's closest rival and even plugging its new API...

    Oh wait.

  2. Dave

    Bah Applications!

    The whole niceness of facebook was that it wasn't bogged down with applications/things to put on your profile which make it take a month to load like MySpazz does, now they've gone and ruined it, not a day goes by that at least one of my friends has added every single application they can find and i have to suffer the invites which i can only turn off after the first time i've had one to that particular application!

    Oh and another thing, potentially very big -


    Nor can other people i know, the 'confirmation' e-mail where you have to click a link to confirm to delete your profile never arrives.

    This raises huge questions over data protection and whatnot - people may think they are unregistering then forget about the e-mail, all the while your profile is stil up there.

  3. john oates

    Re: Facebook chief executive Chris DeWolfe...

    Apologies for that - my fingers moving faster than my is fixed now


  4. Gerhard Mack
    Thumb Down

    how about making my space less ugly?

    The biggest reason I can never bring myself to go to myspace is that it looks like someone ate a box of crayons and puked them up onto the screen. That's probably more of a problem for them then a lack of apps.

    I barely agreed to facebook but only because it wasn't such an assault on the eyes.

  5. Olof P

    Re: Unregistering

    As far as I know you can't unregister from Facebook either, just de-activate your account (and have it re-activated the next time you log in). If there is a delete account option it's not in the obvious place (under Accounts), at least.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Coding Monkeys

    Maybe they'll use some of these new third party apps to take notes on coding - and, you know, make Myspace look less like it was coded by monkeys.

    (Seriously - is there a worse-coded, and heavily trafficked, site?)

This topic is closed for new posts.

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