back to article Pump-and-dump scammers debut MP3 spam

Stock spammers have abandoned PDF files and image spam with a new campaign featuring MP3 files. The audio files pose as music from stars such as Elvis Presley and Fergie, but actually contain a monotone voice encouraging punters to invest in an obscure Canadian company. The MP3 files are being widely spammed in emails that …


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  1. Tom


    That's the politest spam I've ever encountered.

    As for who would go for the stock tip, well maybe people who thought they were the first to get the pump and dump spam, so they could get the same benefit the spammers are hoping to get. Seems a bit risky, though.

  2. Hedley Phillips


    Must Buy Exit Only.... You must buy Exit Only.... Excellent profits, must buy Exit Only.

    mmmh, I must buy stocks in Exit Only.

    damn them, it worked.

  3. Tanuki

    Spam me tender, Spam me sweet....

    So *that's* what our mailservers have occupied themselves for most of the day silently(!) trashcanning.

    [OK, the Elvis Spam-filk competition is ------>thataway ->]

  4. OpenSorce Phreak

    Her voice is so... amphoric... who could resist?

    Okay, I just dumped my life savings into the suggested stock.. so how long do I wait until I'm a millionare?

    *taps mic* .... Is this thing on? Hello?

  5. John Miles
    Paris Hilton

    Now we can only hope that

    that it isn't a scam from the RIAA to get mp3's banned

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I remember

    I remember when spam was all porn, penis extensions and viagra. The good old days.

    Now the pope keeps trying to sell me watches, people want me to buy stock and some other guy is pushing real estate in doigivashittastan.

    What happend to the good old days eh?

  7. Bill Fresher


    I got a lower barrier knock-out (LKO) double barrier put option on the stock.

  8. Mal Franks
    Paris Hilton

    Buy Exit Only

    there'll be cake

  9. silverguy


    the cake is a lie.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "stars such as Elvis Presley and Fergie"

    a bit like saying "great writers like Gustave Flaubert and Ben Elton"

  11. Rick
    Gates Horns

    I'm waiting for the movies

    I'm so ready for my inbox to be overflowing with 30 second video clips...Please please make sure you get one of those hotties that are in distress...I so miss the days of the ole 419'ers would send me some love interest proclaming her lurv for me if i would be her white knight and ride in and save her...well you know just send the cash and we will met up....I wonder what percentage of the bandwith that is used is caused by this crap being transmitted. I wonder if we could impose limits on bandwith much as i get them inposed on me OR just cut them off. Ahh the pipe dream lives.

  12. Francis Boyle Silver badge

    Is this Russell T Davies' latest idea

    First a tacky 'cyberwoman' and now a female dalek offering investment tips in an oddly ill-judged attempt to change the course of history.

    Now where's the Tardis icon?

  13. Conway

    Who does their market research?

    I wonder who told the spammers that fans of Elvis and Fergie (presumably the 80s popster not Prince Andrew's ex) are likely to fall for this sort of thing. If the crud being pushed was penis enlargement pills would the "Stars" be different (Kylie and Sandie Shaw maybe?).

  14. Law
    Gates Halo


    We should so have a Tardis and a StarTrek icon.... that would be the best... maybe ditch the Angel version of Gates, nobody would use it! :)

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