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Nintendo has announced several changes to the Wii games console’s Internet Channel, urging gamers to become more web-savvy with their Wii. Nintendo Wii Internet Channel - keyboard Wii's on-screen keyboard: not the only option now Its Wii System Update 3.1 allows the console to support USB keyboards, meaning gamers are no …


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  1. M Brown

    Yes But

    When are they going to make it actually pleasurable to use the damn browser? Im fed up of zooming in and out to read text and see the whole page, scrolling up, down, left and right to get the entire content.

    Oh and did anyone see that the browser is suitable for 1 to 4 players in the info page? What happens when 5 people try?

  2. Sean Aaron


    It has built-in bluetooth, so is there support for the Apple wireless keyboard? Better still why hasn't Nintendo released on already? Personally I'm planning on getting a MacMini to satisfy the Internet on TV fix that I don't need satisfied.

    I just got my Wii in the post (now including wiimote jacket); I've yet to take it out of the box. Internet browsing is not a priority for me; playing games is.

  3. Ian

    I'd be happier if...

    They fixed the bug that prevents some Virtual console games displaying incorrectly and unusably on some HD screens via Nintendo's HD component cable that's existed since the release of the console.

    Unfortunately their response is that they're aware of the problem but that it's the fault of the screen manufacturers. Fault of the screen manufacturers? How? The rest of the console works fine at 480p as do countless other devices on said screens, the VC games even display correctly when you pull the Wii menu up, just not when you play them!

    People may bitch at Sony and MS but Nintendo seem to be the least caring towards their customers and the least willing to resolve faults with their consoles thus far. I'd be happy if they at least refunded my Wii points seeing as the games don't actually work!

  4. Steve

    A big improvement

    I'm typing this comment on my Wii via a Gyration wireless USB keyboard adnd it's working fine.

    The keyboard integration could be improved in Opera as you do still need to keep switching between the keyboard and the Wiimote, but it's a hundred times better than having to type with the on-screen soft keyboard.

    A welcome improvement to the Wii that makes browsing a far more practical proposition.

  5. yeah, right.


    Internet on TV through a kludged interface designed by Wii-vil gnomes, or internet on a large-screen monitor through a device - my computer - pretty designed for the task?

    Decisions, decisions.

  6. Alan Donaly

    How about games

    Its been out a while how are people finding the games now I wonder are they still engaging or have they become annoying. Just because it's cheaper doesn't mean I am allowing them off the hook as far as games are concerned I remember very well their glory days and I hold them to it.

  7. Steve

    @yeah, right

    Granted, Internet on a PC is far better that Internet on a Wii, however for ad-hoc usage and used in conjuntion with split screen on an HDTV, it serves a purpose (check webmail etc. whilst watching TV). Also adds an additional Internet terminal when others in the house are in use by other family members.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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