back to article MasterCard caught with pants down twice

Cash credit giant MasterCard has had a week racked with technical problems. Reg readers may recall our report on Tuesday about a spot of bother with data processing at MasterCard which hit a sizeable amount of transactions on September 25 and 26. We had contacted MasterCard after hearing from readers about problems with the …


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  1. Robert Fitzgerald

    Quite a few shops were having problems, but didn't know it...

    I wondered why I couldn't buy my usual load of junk food from Woolworths :-)

    My Solo card was working fine in the cash machines on Saturday but it seems that a lot of shops I went in were having problems, although they didn't know anything was wrong.

  2. Gareth Harmer


    Anyone remember the latest range of adverts they did, about not needing cash any more?

    Oh, the irony...

  3. Morely Dotes

    All of them will have problems...


    Over here in the States, Visa is running a series of TV ads which insult anyone who doesn't use Visa to buy, well, anything, from fast food to clothing. The catch phrase is "Life comes at you fast." The implication is that using cash or checks is much slower than using Visa, which is, of course (1) patently false; (2) insulting to the point that I am nearly ready to tell my bank to either give me a non-Visa ATM card, or I will change banks; and (3) going to be infinitely amusing when (not "if" - I am an I.T. professional, and I promise you it _will_ happen sooner or later) Visa's processing network suffers a major cockup.

    The arrogance of these people amazes me. Well, no, thinking about it, I suppose it doesn't. People who don't know WTF they are talking about are usually pretty arrogant on the subject.

  4. Arif Rashid

    what really p*sses me off

    Banks/visa/mastercard are the biggest bunch of con artists ever. They are very quick to take money out of your account (always same day) and will charge you intereste at the drop of a hat. Try and get ur money back from them, or hell, want to spend your own money when u want and hey presto! Sorry, the systems are down... Yeah right. Its high time that banks, credit card companies and insurance companies all get their fingers out and start providing a proper service.

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