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Not to be outdone by Sony's rumbling DualShock 3 controller, LucasArts has confirmed that a Star Wars game based around use of a Light Sabre is on its way to the Wii. The game will be a reincarnation of one already discussed for existing platforms, but will spur gamers to use the Wii’s controller as a Light Sabre. LucasArts …


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  1. Quinten Lansu


    Yes, it would be cool if it worked like that, but no, it probably won't, and instead incorporate a "do a swishy motion to use force power" instead of freeform lightsabre swinging. ;(

    But still damn cool.

  2. Pooper Scooper

    Uh huh

    "The concept of a Light Sabre for the Wii was first penned in December 2006, when the MacSaber’s developer, Isnoop, announced the WiiSaber – no explanation needed"

    Really? Are you sure it wasn't first penned by, umm, EVERYBODY, which was the number of people thinking exactly the same thing the moment that the pointing/motion sensing ability of the Wii was revealed? I know I did, I just didn't care enough to write an app that makes swishy sounds when I wave my Wiimote around (wow, exciting...MacSaber was lame too).

  3. Adam Azarchs

    The real question

    Will one be able to do proper fencing, or will interaction be limited to "they wiimote moved, so the onscreen lightsaber should swing in a preset pattern"? My guess would be the latter - real fencing is pretty boring compared to choreographed swashbuckling in movies.

  4. Michael Martin

    RE: The real question

    I suspect a majority of it is 'tilt the wiimote up to block, swing it to attack'. It might even pay attention to which direction you swing it. With enough preset moves, they can make a fairly good approximation of what you're doing.

  5. Chris Burns

    I can see it now... with other wii games, the "window" of movement will be about 6 inches cubed. If you move the remote too fast, it won't be recognised, eventually leading to what most people do when they use the wii remote for a while - sit down, and jiggle it slightly to get the best results. Strangely, I can't remember Obi Wan et al doing that in the films...

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Window of Movement"???

    Er, what?

    There is no "Window of movement". The motion sensors are accelerometers, they detect acceleration of the control on 3 axes. Obviously, if you wang it about as fast as you can you will end-stop the accelerometers straight away and find it does appear to have a restricted range.

    The ADXL330 accelerometers used in the Wiimote have an effective range of +/- 3g, so it doesn't take much to end-stop them.

    If, however, you use smooth movements you will find the response more realistic.

    So more Obi-Wanesque smooth moves and less frantic wasp-swatting is what is needed.....

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