back to article Sony shakes up PS3 controller market

Sony has confirmed that vibration is coming to the PS3 controller. While the wobbly controller looks the same as the existing SixAxis controller, the device will now be called the DualShock 3 and features two styles of vibration. Dualshock3 DualShock 3 controller: Still essentially a SixAxis, but with vibration The …


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  2. Rich

    RE: So..

    Yeah I agree. Certainly with the PS2 a vibrating controller ads nothing to the game play. When it first came out it was like "wow!" because it hadn't been seen before. Its annoying until you become used to it, at which point it is then completely useless.

  3. Jim Coleman

    Not so

    Rumble isn't completely useless. Just pop the controller down your trousers and bingo, instant gaming nirvana.

  4. Pooper Scooper

    Yeah, spend more

    Besides, it'll probably be at least $50 like the current Sixaxis controllers. I suppose spending $50 or more each to upgrade controllers just to get rumble is going to win big with the gaming crowd.

    Sorry, I'll be grabbing two Wii Zappers and a Wii Balance Board for cheaper than two of 'em.

  5. Simon Wilson

    Sony have Lost there Way

    Sony PSP was brought out as multi media device not games machine

    Sony PS3 was brought out as a Overpriced Games Console

    Now the one the most important features of the PS3 Rumbling Joystick wont be released until 2008 to Europe. I want to buy PS3, this would of helped me make the choice. I had Xbox 1 and I went out and brought a S Pad because it made the machine feel more real. I am really sad that Sony is losing its way in Europe....Maybe we will be saying something else at the end 2008

  6. Rob

    The Rumble

    ...useless nine times out of ten, definitely, but I think that's the fault of developers and not the Rumble. A couple of games, like Silent Hill, really managed to take advantage of it by using it in a more intelligent way - when you feel your heartbeat pulsing in the controller, check your health - but mostly, it just shakes and thumps because it can, and makes your hands go numb if it does it too much.

    Turn it off for most games, leave it on for Silent Hill, and let that be that.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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