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ROK, best known for video streaming over 2G networks, is trialling "ROK Talk", a phone conferencing system which uses a Symbian application to set up and manage conference calls without recourse to PINs or passwords, and has invited 50 Reg readers to take part in the closed beta. Instead of relying on a central management …


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  1. Paul McQuoney

    Yep - it's Beta..

    The submit page isn't working if all fields are completed - only if some are left blank!

  2. ROK Talk

    Beta Site

    Hi Paul,

    We're unable to duplicate the issue at this end, and we did test on all the browsers we could get our hands on! We'll email you using your signup address to follow up.

    P.S. Your system appears to be infected with the FunWebProducts spyware..

  3. Tom



This topic is closed for new posts.

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