back to article Warner punts Blunt on MySpace

Not wanting to go back to bedlam, James Hillier Blount aka James Blunt is to see his latest album sold to US fans through MySpace. Warner Music Group (WMG), which has the artist signed up to its roster, appears to be hoping to cash in on social [cough] networking sites by making Blunt's entire album, All the Lost Souls, …


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  1. Ash

    Subliminal suggestion?

    "WMG's decision to punt Blunt via MySpace is undoubtedly a reaction to **the downward spiral** in CD sales hitting the entire music industry."

    Trying to beat some sensible music taste into the IT industry? Fear not, faithful author; some of us made the transition from mainstream chod to the heretically sublime years ago.

  2. Vladimir Plouzhnikov

    DRM v James Blunt

    As much as I hate DRMs in all their forms and incarnations I hope they will forever lock James Blunt's masterpieces under the most restrictive and unusable DRMs ever designed....

  3. Andy Yates

    Blunt ... that sounds a lot like

    It'll be interesting to see how well selling via MySpace does considering it's mostly populated by other bands, 13 yr olds with an amazing ability to cause seizures with their web pages and friends of Garry Glitter. Considering that none of these (well maybe the 13yr old girls) seem to be part of Mr Blunt's target audience it seems like quite a hard sell.

    Anyway I think it's more important to start work on selling James Blunt to the Americans (seriously I'll pay for his green card if that helps).

  4. Daniel Bennett

    Oh great...

    If I start hearing James sodding Blunt on my MySpace Profile advert's i'm seriously going to flip.

    Why can't he be in Iraq or something? Geeez

  5. Dan

    you can't pollish a turd

    doesn't matter how it is sold, shite music is still shite music. punting blunt on myspace already awash with an ocean of dross will only see him drown, or be blown straight out of the water by the .01% of listenable stuff.

  6. Greg

    Punt Blunt?

    What a cracking idea! "Off a cliff" sounds like a good addendum.

  7. Rich Bryant

    Hold me back...

    because I'm 100% with Mitch Benn on this topic.

  8. Peter Labrow

    I can see it now

    "James Blunt has 0 friends" - possibly the only MySpace page to say that

  9. Andy

    James Blunt

    It's rhyming slang, isn't it?


  10. Walter

    Please keep him.

    As a US citizen, I speak for most of our country when I say please keep him. My better half for some reason loves him, and I have to listen to him on long car rides way too often. What I don't get is her main musical tastes are underground hardcore and punk, yet she loves this guy.

  11. Gary

    funny that you should mention that...

  12. Ralph B

    Bugger Blunt

    Why did no-one tell me the new series of The IT Crowd had started?

    That should have been front page of the Reg, surely?

    (Thanks, Rich Bryant for the Mitch Benn youtube link that lead to other things)

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