back to article SanDisk subpoenaed in US antitrust probe

SanDisk and its CEO Eli Harari have received grand jury subpoenas from the US Department of Justice for possible anti-trust violations in the NAND flash memory market. The looming probe was disclosed today in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. SanDisk also revealed the Canadian Competition Bureau has begun …


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  1. Svein Skogen


    Strange how they can attack this industry, yet turn a blind eye on the recording industry that has been price-fixing for YEARS and even admits so! I think that until the recording industry is up on charges for Organized Crime, every person living in that poor excuse of a democracy (it's a corporistic feudal society, really), should DAILY write their local law officials, and inform them that "you are not doing your job rounding up the criminals".


  2. Iamfanboy

    Voting with what now?

    For years the corporate goons have been tricking us with the idea of thinking that we can "Vote with our wallets" instead of paying attention to the people we actually VOTE FOR, but now that notion is turning around and biting the music and movie cartels right in the arse.

    My friend predicted it nearly ten years ago with the advent of .mp3, and now all we have to do is wait and watch.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Price fixing?

    Perhaps the Canadian government (and others) could look into the ludicrous price fixing/gouging of the Oil Industry while they are at it (instead of coyly ignoring this as the tax dollars roll in).

  4. Charles Manning


    Generally price fixing produces static l **high** prices.

    NAND prices have continued to drop at a huge rate since 2000 or so. NAND prices have dropped faster than any other computer related technology in history. Where's the price fixing in that?

    I'm with the others on this: OPEC is primarily a price fixing body and the rest of the industry dabbles in politics to keep its interests alive. Very little suprise that the dual Bush&Bush presidency spent most of their time in office manipulating the oil market.

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