back to article Report backs mobile IT for police

Mobile data solutions and inter-force IT have a big part to play in cutting police red tape, says a major report. An interim report on the Independent Review of Policing in England and Wales, published on 12 September 2007, calls for police to be given more freedom from unnecessary bureaucracy and paperwork, and suggests …


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  1. Danny Thompson

    Why the hell would she do that???

    "constantly vigilant about making sure police can concentrate on frontline policing"

    There has not been a Home Office minister that has actually done that in the past 30 years. Systematically HO ministers of any Government persuation have constantly undermined the Front Line policing that nation once enjoyed. They have broken the civil contract between the general public and the police that we would lay down our arms to be protected by the Police. Instead we are now expected to put up with the victimisation of law-abiding citizens by [ever-growing] criminal masses.

    Now are being asked to believe that by giving the local Plod a nice shiny new Pooter that they will be able to spend more time protecting us against the criminal scumbags. Does our Liberal Elite truly think that we believe anything that they have to say anymore?

    We will see even less of what remains of the Rozzers as they lock themselves away in their nice new ivory towers, sorry I mean new centralised headquarters. All the while they'll be trying to administer to yet another Government inspired IT cock up adding to the growing list of such failures-branded-unmitigated-successes by head-up-the-arse politicians.

    Personally I'd stack the entire Liberal Elite into a big pile in Trafalgar Square and set light to the lot of them.

    Police with laptops! Give me a freaking break!!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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