back to article OQO cuts UMPC prices, adds solid-state drive option

UMPC maker OQO will next week launch an updated version of its Model 2 handheld in Europe, upping the Windows Vista device's processor and storage specs, and - if OQO does what it's just done in the US - a reduced price. OQO Model 2 OQO's revised Model 2: faster, more capacious The new version increases the UMPC's …


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  1. DV Henkel-Wallace

    Hey -- want more than just a press release

    Hey, I was hoping for more than just a press release. Worse, a press release on a stupid product that nobody seems to want (OK, I have actually seen a grand total of... ONE ... of these things in the wild). I thought some snarky remarks about battery-powered bricks or even a sympathetic comment. But if I'd known there would be no commenttary I wouldn't have bothered to read the page.

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