back to article Zango abandons PC Tools adware lawsuit

Controversial adware outfit Zango has withdrawn legal proceedings against anti-spyware firm PC Tools. The decision follows its failure to persuade a court to issue a temporary restraining order that would have prevented PC Tools from classifying Zango's software as potentially malicious. Both firms hail the outcome of the case …


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  1. TrixyB

    Zango, Hotbar, 180 Solutions are all bad, bad, bad

    What is wrong with this?

    Everybody knows that Zango and 180 Search Solutions are some of the hardest flavours or spyware that you can encounter.

    I'm sure i'm not in the minority to say that any anti-spy program worth a review would flag all these mentioned products as high-risk spyware/adware. Come on Zango, when are you going to stop installing this crap on people's computers. Noboby wants it, nobody asks for it.

  2. Acme Fixer

    I agree they're All Bad, so block them!

    Last time I checked, which was more than a year ago, we had those turkeys' domains and IPs blocked at the firewall so they couldn't pollute all of the PCs in our organization. It's the only way to stop the nasty, pernicious spyware from trashing up everyone's PC.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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