back to article Gear6 satiates hungry apps with 500GB RAM monster

Gear6 fits into that elite, blissful class of start-ups that have an easy to digest premise and infrastructure-friendly gear. The Silicon Valley-based firm ships a pair of caching appliances. These RAM-based boxes plug right into existing Ethernet networks and work as complements to disk-based shared storage systems. As a …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Reminds me of my dissertation...

    Reminds me of my dissertation many years ago; wrote something similar on a network of sun's; something went wrong, process table filled up (fast) on every server (it was only meant to take a small bit from each machine).

    I wasn't very popular when every terminal ground to a shuddering halt...

    Wonder if they've got some form of RAID happening on the servers? Since the unit has 4 x86's in it, what'll happen if one of them fails? Could be quite a slowdown when the system needs to load in 500/4 GB of data in from some disks somewhere...

  2. Daniel Ballado-Torres

    Nice but...

    Have they thought about a small thing: blackouts.

    If RAM loses power, all your data goes poof. NAND Flash memories and such at least have some kind of persistence, RAM doesn't. Ow.

  3. Jan-Erik Finnberg

    Re: RAM losing power

    I'm pretty sure they have thought of that. It's pretty much RAM's only weakness.

    It's easy to add batteries that keep the data safe for a few hours in case of a power outage. And this thing is a cache, I'm sure it writes up-to-date data continuously to the backing non-volatile storage system.

  4. Micha Roon

    There are not only OLTP systems

    This could give a big performance boost to any datawarehouse and reporting application.

    I know of a couple guys who'd drool if they were told that it's no problem to drill down to posting levels in their accounting system. Today, with nearly 100 mio postings a day, this is not possible.

    and by the way: no gives a shit about blackouts in a DW application. nothing's stored anyway.

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