back to article Enceladus' icy threat to Cassini

The Cassini spacecraft could be at risk of damage when it makes its next closest approach to the moon Enceladus. Mission managers have warned that the larger particles of dust and ice emanating from the southern pole of Enceladus pose a real threat to the craft. Enceladus, and all that dust. Credit: Ciclops Enceladus, and …


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  1. JP

    You sure the odds are right?

    Those odds aren't exactly astronomical...

    Coat please...

  2. Conway

    Lies, Damn Lies and Odds

    How on earth do they calculate the odds of such things? Is there a department at NASA calculating odds.

    Shouldn't this story be under Odds and Sods?

  3. Steven Knox


    "The craft is due to pass the Moon next March..."

    Unless there's a classified experimental engine on that thing, surely it's due to pass the _m_oon next March...

    But hey, who named our moon "the Moon" anyway? You'd think they didn't know there were other ones...Oh.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    While you're being PEDANTIC, you might want to double check your spelling :)

    Pendantry? Is that some sort of science dedicated to the study of necklaces?

  5. Chris Morrison


    Anyone want a tenner at 500-1 that it crashes?

  6. Phil Hill

    Prediction: Jets are an Electrical Discharge Which Will Damage Cassini's Electronics

    I think that these jets are more like an electrical discharge, something like an Aurora, which could damage Cassini's electronics.

    Watch this space.........

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Electric jets, fountains and plumes

    They certainly don't look like typical volcanic ejecta. Electrical discharge jets seem to have been suggested by others too, try a Google search for "Jets of Enceladus", and also "Fountains in vacuum: Enceladus"

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