back to article VoIP glitch leaves users cut off

Users of IP telephony service were unable to place calls outside the company's network on Monday due to a technical glitch. A technical representative of the firm confirmed there was an issue with passing traffic to the PSTN but said the firm was able to resolve the glitch "within the working day". He declined to …


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  1. amanfromMars Silver badge

    The Pusher Man? Chill Time to Ponder Options in Paths ... Futures Markets

    "Skype blamed the problem on a bug in its software that meant its network became unstable as many clients logged on after the application of patches from Microsoft last week"

    A touch of MS disinfectant or a Digital Binary Steroid?

  2. Rich Bryant


    amanfromMars is even working on incomprehensible titles now.

    New meds?

  3. Jon Thompson

    Re: The Pusher Man? Chill Time to Ponder Options in Paths ... Futures Markets

    Heh. Taking gibberish to new levels. Does amanfromMars work in Marketing/PR?

  4. Jon Thompson

    Recent VoIP issues

    First Skype, now VoIP. Can't see what all the fuss is about IP-telephony services.

    The technology's here, but it's hardly reliable. Apparently BT's 21CN will provide the much-needed backbone for VoIP to run properly, but at the moment, BT's network has trouble handling PSTN and ADLS over copper, never mind adding VoIP into the mix.

    The way VoIP is set up as well, with eg Skype running as a P2P service on your machine hardly fills me with confidence. Too much emphasis on the end user and their setup, and not enough redundancy from the provider, as these outages have shown.

    What's wrong with just picking up the bog-standard telemephone, and mashing it with your dialling wand like we used to?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not the only recent provider to have an outage.

    Moo Telecom have also been plagued with outages recently, due to server failures.

    Their dns has been hopping around a lot at one point even pointing to an ntl cable modem!!

    Anyway, they appear to be back up now.

    But as with most of these providers its generally under investment thats the main issue.

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