back to article High street music retailer ChoicesUK goes titsup

The long death march of Britain's bricks and mortar entertainment chains moved a step closer to oblivion today, with the announcement that ChoicesUK is headed into administration. The Peterborough-based music, film, and gaming group has over 160 stores nationwide and employs 1,650 staff. A spokesman said it has been taking …


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  1. Sampler

    Not surprised

    Having worked for them for two years (mid'99-mid'01) I know they can't organise a piss up in a brewery so that they've hit the wall some real competition has shown up is not really surprising at all.

    The real shocker is they've lasted this long with their poor business models and ineffective management, during my time there I had no less than six area managers, how can you manage effectively when the staff responsbile for your frontline are circulated every few months?

  2. Andy S


    I'm not particularly surprised at the failure of ChoicesUK as, despite living in the UK my whole life, I've never even heard of them before!

  3. Ian Yates


    Any chance they'll spin-off the online branch?

    There's only one store I know of near me, but I've always bought loads from them online - one of the cheapest places for DVDs, at times.

  4. Ian

    Hardly a surprise . . . .

    There's a Choices shop near me - it has all the charm of Heathrow Terminal 2.

    Grey carpet, (bad) 80s interior, miserable staff, crap stock, crap prices. The store looked like it was stuck in some kind of time warp. With the exception of Fopp this is the case with all these little chains that have gone titsup - nobody liked them or wanted them because they were rubbish.

    I'm hoping they turn it into a Rymans.....

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: hmm...

    I second that, never heard of them. And doing a search on their website tells me that they have "no stores within 100km of this destination". Serves me right for living somewhere as remote as Edinburgh, I suppose...

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Unfortunately while the Recording Industry Ass. of America and their record company henchmen continue to drive Hummers, snort coke, and legally harangue grannies, the end of the record distribution chain is hitting the buffers, with thousands of people losing their jobs. It's only a matter of time before HMV or Virgin either go completely titsup or decide to sell organic veg or solar panels. The pain is already starting to feed back up the food chain (look at EMI) until the asshole record company execs who screwed us for 15 quid a CD not so many years ago might have to get a real job...

    Now when you can go straight to the source, buy a MP3 direct from a band for less, with the band getting more, who needs the supply chain?

    Other industries I will not be sorry to see the back of include:

    - travel agents

    - estate agents

    - pimps (sorry recruitment agents)

    The sooner they're disintermediated out of existence the better, too...

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