back to article Sun and IBM promise operating system surprise

Sun Microsystems and IBM look set to hold a whopper of a press conference tomorrow with CEO Jonathan Schwartz and IBM's systems chief Bill Zeitler all geared up to talk. What exactly will be the topic of discussion? Who knows? A co-branded invitation tells us that this is an operating system agreement thing. So perhaps Sun …


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  1. Russell

    Where's the Paris Hilton angle?

    Is it just me or is this the least exciting news story I've read all day? "Two IT companies will talk to some journalists tomorrow about an unknown topic. In other news, mass lunch-eating is expected between 12 and 1pm this afternoon, but we are unsure of precise sarnie-filling details at this time. We'll bring you more information as soon as we get it."

  2. Chris Wilson

    Or maybe, just maybe....

    ....they're going to try and bury the rumours that Solaris infringes on Unix IP, something which has become an issue now Novell have been confirmed as copyright owners of Unix and Unixware in the SCO case.

  3. Sean Jennings


    could it be at all related to IBM's launch tomorrow of the new Eclipse-based Lotus Notes/Domino 8... it already runs on various Unix kit, maybe Solaris is added to the list?

  4. Dan

    Lunch today

    Breaking News...... Polish Sandwich girl, known as "The Sandwich Bunny" because of her boundless Duracell like energy causes much mirth offering 'gentlemens' sex and kisses........or maybe its just us mishearing "You want fok and tish-you ? (aka Fork and tissues) due to her accent.

    More tomorrow. :)

  5. Philip Nicholls Silver badge

    Vern Acular

    Russell needs to tell the non-Brit part of the world what "sarnie" means. And tell em "buttie" is a good substitute.

  6. Dave

    Ashlee - cynical author

    Writing "way less exciting like Sun and IBM announcing a VMware killer " - this is so way exciting and is my bet - the virtualization market is going bonkers at the moment

  7. Tony

    Operating system surprise?

    That's not news, Windows surprises millions of people everyday.

  8. I

    port of ZFS and DTrace from Solaris to AIX seems likely

    Given how far ahead they are in their respective areas

  9. FerretOfDoom

    Windows surprises...?

    "That's not news, Windows surprises millions of people everyday."

    Which surprise? That it actually happens to boot completely on a given morning?

    Exit To DOS? Yes, please.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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