back to article Republican CNN/YouTube debate is back on

After a few weeks of skepticism-fueled dawdling, the Republican's CNN/YouTube presidential debate is back from limbo. CNN announced today that Rudolph Giuliani and Senator John McCain have signed on for the two-hour forum, which has been rescheduled for November 28. And with two of the GOP's main contenders inked in, its likely …


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  1. Chad H.

    of course he hates it

    Of course Mitt Romey hates it... He hates the idea that maybe he might have to answer a question that someone somewhere cares about, and give a straight answer, all without any handlers giving him the correct answer.

    Of, and the entirety of his answers will probably be replayed ad finium on the Daily show.

  2. Tony

    Might be acceptable

    *if* they screen out the sock-puppets and other idiocies like Chris Mathews' questions.

    There's certainly room for humor but some adult should draw the line.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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