back to article Nvidia gains ground in graphics

Nvidia is gaining market share on both AMD and Intel within the graphics market, according to analyst firm Jon Peddie Research (JPR). However, all three vendors maintained their dominance to remain at the top of the tree during the second quarter of 2007. Despite JPR describing Q2 as a traditionally slow quarter, total …


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  1. tranquil

    Something does not add up

    "Of the 81.3m units sold, Nvidia took 43 per cent of the desktop market and Intel claimed 38.5 per cent. The real gap came between the quarter’s two leaders and third position AMD though, which JPR recognised with the significantly lower market share of 23 per cent."

    43% + 38.5% + 23% = 104.5%

  2. Matt Piechota

    Adding for Marketing Majors

    43% + 38.5% + 23% = 104.5%

    Perhaps there are Systems that have Intel on-board chips *and* have added Nvidia cards?

  3. Brandon Burton

    ATI = AMD

    I'm guessing they are counting ATI as AMD now.

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