back to article Microsoft comes top of the tech pack

Microsoft is the most valuable technology brand in the world, according to Business Week magazine's latest ranking of global brands released Tuesday. Microsoft came second to soft drinks giant Coca-Cola in the overall rankings. Third place went to another big Irish technology employer, IBM. Both Microsoft and IBM maintained …


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  1. Stan


    Used to take these business listings for granted, now with the world getting smaller I'm having doubts.

    After all, people use a lot more oil than coca cola and I don't see halliburton in the top 3, none of the big Japanese electronics companies either.


  2. Corrine

    You have the wrong idea.

    The point is the recognition of the brand. And how people think of the brand. I have my own doubt though, namely that outside of coca-cola and diet coke, coke products don't really benefit from the brand name. (How many people can tell me if 7up is a Coke or Pepsi product?) Coke branded products do well for the same reason Microsoft ones do, they put people in exclusive distribution situations. (So the choice isn't really do you want your resteraunt to have coke or Pepsi, but all Coke or all Pepsi products)*.

    *This is not to say that Coke products are bad, just that some bad coke products can get carried by these kinds of situations, since you still want to have the good ones.

  3. Michael Corkery

    RE: iffy

    Stan, you may be right, but it seems the unspoken semtiment is that it's corporate value of the brandname, not the company value, so it means perception, meaning individual consumers.

    Effectively consumers respond to big brands like Coke, MS, Google, etc, but peopel don't buy Haliburton oil.

    But you make a valid point - the few consumers who are also heads of large oil companies reselling from the suppliers might be worth more to haliburton than I am to MS...

  4. Ted Treen

    Criteria, Criteria, Criteria

    Depends how you're judging things...

    In terms of turnover, they're certainly correct.

    In terms of technological achievement - unless you're including theft & bullying - MS is nowhere.

    In terms of tecnology producing life/lifestyle enhancements - per-lease!

    I suppose that M$ really is all about $$

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Brand power

    It's all about the value a brand name has.

    I've never even heard of Haliburton oil, yet I know of MS and Coke. Go to China, Russia, India and they will have heard of these brands.

    Oh fogot Linux blah blah blah, Firefox this & that, MS sucks and is the root of all evil (sod the bloke up on trial for killing thousands in Cambodia, he has nothing on Bill)

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