back to article Romanian cops cuff drunk, naked, handless driver

Romanian traffic cops in the seaside town of Constanta were rather surprised to discover that the driver of a BMW they pulled for zigzagging across the road had no licence, no hands, no clothes, and was figuratively legless, reports. Aurel Olteanu, 23, tested positive for twice the drink-drive limit, and put his lack of …


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  1. Simon


    Steering can't have been easy either, must be a bit of a clever dick!


  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    My manager says I should be the first person to post a "how did they cuff him with no hands" quote.

    I'm going to ignore him though, so you don't have to ban me.

  3. Nick L


    How *did* they handcuff him if he had no hands?

  4. David S

    @Nick L


  5. Dan


    he couldn't handle his drink.

  6. Rob

    Sorry if I'm being dumb but....

    .... I must be missing something about car technology, how did he get the car door open to get in it in the first place. Wonder if it was a Beamer with leather interior? (mental note never borrow a car with leather owned by a nudist)

  7. Luke Stedman

    Who said arms?

    They never said they cuffed his arms......oh, he was legless as well!

  8. Dillon Pyron

    Cheech and Chong

    Man, does this bring back memories

    "Sign zee papers" "I cannot sign zee papers" "And why not can you sign zee papers" "Because I have no hands" (okay, it's supposed to be "Because you haf broken all of my finkers", but I'm adaptable.)

  9. Ash

    Not surprised he was weaving...

    Some people just need to get a grip!

  10. Stewart Knight

    Handcuffs....ok .... but how did they fingerprint him?

    If he'd been stopped in England, they'd probably booked him for refusing to give fingerprints!

    If they didn't prosecute him for being naked, was it due to insufficient evidence, or because it wouldn't stand up in court???

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    To answer the question we cannot ask

    Thanks to the elbow being quite a knobbly joint, it is quite possible to secure someones upper limbs together by securing the cuffs (or cable ties if the merkins are about to send you to cuba) around the upper arm between the elbow joint and the bicep.

    Feel free to try this at home with your chosen concenting adult.

  12. Catalin

    the real news

    Hey guys ... sorry but you really shouldn't believe anything you read. I just read the news from and it says that the driver had his arms cut-off from the elbow dow. It says nothing about his legs.

    Also, the car had an automatic gearbox so it could just press the gas pedal and stear with his mouth.

    Dear editor, please don't give innacurate information.

  13. Dogbyte

    Re: Sorry if I'm being dumb but....

    How did he get the car open? Never heard of a door knob?

  14. Les Matthew

    Re: the real news

    legless = seriously drunk. ;)

  15. Gabor Laszlo

    special way of driving

    Having seen handicapped people drive non-custom cars (and do many other routine things quite well), I only wonder if he's a passable driver when sober, and if so why he doesn't have a license.

    Here the link to the original article:

    A few more interesting tidbits: the guys hands were "amputated just below the elbows"; "the breathalizer showed 0.24mg alcohol in his breath, meaning that the blood alcohol level was twice that", in Romania it is forbidden to drive if you drank any amount at all; apparently the driver borrowed a relatives car keys and went for a joyride; Later the police could not find him as at the address they got from his ID (I wonder where he was keeping it) no one has ever heard of him.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ Catalin: the real news

    Dear Catalin,

    Sorry to burst your bubble, please re-read the article carefully, taking special care to actually read all the words.

    Done that? Did you notice "figuratively"? Do you know what that means?

    In case you struggle with join the dots, legless was referring to the intoxication and not *actually* having no legs.... sigh

    On a related note: @Stewart Knight - he was legless, he couldn't stand up in court anyway

    (Coat aquisition in progress)

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    err Catalin

    "legless" might have been a reference to being drunk, doncha think?

  18. Rob Sked

    To answer the"how did he open the door" question

    You can get those keys that allow the door to open automatically when your in range. The new Mini Cooper (Built by BMW) has this function if your willing to pay £900 for it (which I didn't)

    There, issue solved.

    Oh hang on, where did he hang the key?

  19. albear

    figuratively legless

    Meaning that he had legs but was drunk..

  20. Alex


    "in Romania it is forbidden to drive if you drank any amount at all"

    not true. the limit is 0.8 g/l of pure alcohol in the blood stream.

  21. Guy

    Re: To answer the question we cannot ask

    Please make sure consent is actually obtained not assumed for trying this, my wife was asleep and I thought she wouldn't mind.................

    I just hope she doesn't get them off anytime soon!!

  22. Steve Sutton

    Never mind now they cuffed him...

    ...what has this story got to do with IT?

    Oh, and praise be for a story without an iPhone mention.

    And blah blah blah....

  23. Nicholas

    Re: To answer the"how did he open the door" question

    how did he press the 'button' on the key to unlock the car?

  24. oxo

    At least he wasn't using his mobile...

    .. or did he have a hands-free kit installed?

  25. madgunde

    Re: Never mind now they cuffed him...

    @Steve Sutton

    You know, for someone who supposedly is annoyed by all the exposure the iPhone is getting, you're really not helping your situation. Did you annoy yourself when you wrote that post?

  26. Steve Sutton

    Re: Never mind now they cuffed him...


    Please turn your parody detector on. I was lampooning the people who whinge about such things (I thought the "blah blah blah" should have given it away - although after I posted it, I did think that I should have added two more "blahs").

    And yes, I realise the irony that in posting a comment about people who whinge in their comments that I am myself whinging, and thus hypocritcal, because I must therefore be whinging about my comment which is whinging about such a .... oh no, I've gone cross-eyed.

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Look at the bright side

    He'll never have dirty hands, and he won't be able to do a George Michael..

    OK, I'll take my medicine now ..

  28. Nick

    re @ Caitlin

    Stewart Knight did not say HE wouldn't stand up in court. He said IT wouldn't stand up in court.

    And to Steve Sutton: There is your IT erection--er connection.

    Coat on and out the door.

  29. b shubin

    He'll get a slap on the wrist

    ...mark my words.

  30. wim

    Did they catch him red handed ?

    or maybe not ...

  31. nigel davies

    Catlin: "stear[sic] with his mouth" ??!?

    How the hell would he manage a left-hand-reverse?

    Or even a full lock for a sharp bend?


  32. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Gah !

    That's right folks, people without hands cannot open doors, they live in houses that don't have any.

    Just like people with out legs stay in one room unless people carry them to the shops. Blind people walk around in circles until someone holds their hands and deaf people get run over all the time because they could hear the car coming....

    People adapt.

    Ever thought they may of use their teeth or feet & toes?

  33. Rudi van der Heide

    How he opened the door...

    Probably with his feet. Don't handless people become quite dexterous with their feet? I've seen paintings done by handless people with their feet, and they're a darn sight better than I can manage with two hands.

  34. Colin Jackson


    What a wanker. No, wait...

  35. Nicholas

    @ Stu and Colin

    @ Stu: I seriously want to know how he managed to unlock, get in, and start the car up without using their hands! i tried it, in a standard car, and found that i couldnt do it. I am guessing that the car was stolen car, and it did not have any adaptations made to it?? any articles i have found on it has not stated otherwise

    @ Colin: well...he was at a nudist beach before leaving "in a bit of a hurry".........

  36. Daniel Ballado-Torres


    Hm... I think he mis-read all that "hands free" stuff, and thought it applied for driving, not only for using the mobile while driving.

    Must have been something really really weird for the cops...

  37. Rob

    Damn it, crap score...

    .... I only caught 2 twats this time round, will have to wait for the next story to bait for negative idiots.

    (Thanks for the measly score Stu & Dogbyte)

  38. chris


    amputee driving club could have ...hopped in also

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