back to article Tiscali swallows Pipex broadband and voice

Tiscali will cough £210m for Pipex's broadband and voice businesses later today, according to reports. The deal, which we revealed was being finalised in mid-June, will bag Pipex 570,000 broadband punters. It'll take Tiscali's total UK ADSL base to about two million. Pipex has been pimping itself since March in an attempt to …


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  1. Ash

    Usher? Good choice of words...

    Looking at Tiscali's service record compared to BY (Now VirginMedia and a LOT worse, but still better than Tiscali), i'm reminded of a song...

    "You make me wanna leave the one i'm with, and start a new relationship with you..."

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Priorities, priorities...

    Surely Tiscali should have invested those £210m in a better e-mail infrastructure and a competent abuse desk...

  3. Trevor Watt

    Goodbye Pipex

    Tiscali? No thanks. Goodbye Pipex from a loyal customer for the last 6 years.

  4. Brandon Lee

    Another Nail In Unlimited Dowloads Coffin

    As a Bulldog user, who's owned by pipex, who jumped ship due to tiscali's poor service, slow speeds, crap customer support (thank you for being non english caller welcome to dubai....) and most of all defined my use as excessive (2.6gig in a week .... thats about a full Retail XP - sp 2 patch cycle.......).... and moved me to their sin bin network where my download speed never got above 5k (on a 8 MB line.....dial up anyone?).

    I then got offered a chance to get out my contract due to my 'excessive use' and they hummed and hawed about it and made it difficult to actually do so.....

    Bandwidth throttling, traffic shaping and 'peak time usage' as part of a AUP are now part and parcel of all the big isp's. Bulldog was one of the last ISP's to have no specified DL limits....

    I'd haev settled for ANY other ISP buying them.... but this is just the end. I can feel my bandwidth being bottlenecked just thinking about it....


  5. Chrome

    Another rat from a sinking ship

    I signed my dad up with Pipex because I knew them to be a competent and reliable ISP

    Looks like it's time for a new strategy

    ISP suggestions anyone?

  6. Ross Taylor

    Oh dear

    As an ex-Nildram engineer who jumped shortly after Pipex assimilated Nildram, I did keep my Nildram adsl line, primarily since the support team were an excellent bunch, but its been going downhill rapidly since Pipex started trying to get themselves assimilated. Now Tiscali are in the picture its hard to see how things could possibly get any better. Bye bye Pipex, I'll miss you like I miss the mud at Glastonbury.

  7. Martin Saunders

    Battle of the marketing machines

    I'm scared! Imagine what hellish concoctions will appear when the people that bought back the Hoff work with the people that come up with 'Broadband Torro'

  8. Aram

    ISP suggestions

    Head on over to and do some research.

    I'm with Be & very happy, but there are others. Try a search on (for example) Be Unlimited, BT Broadband, Eclipse Internet, NewNet, Tiscali, Zen Internet to see the ones that stand out.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    All these telcos are great until you need something from them.....

    I get a call off Pipex Homecall's automated dialler every day, over a £25 incorrrect bill, despite me writing to them and telling more than half a dozen of their agents that their system is showing carp.

    Now I just cut them off. They've even threatened and then said they've cut my phone off - which they don't even supply!!

    Hopelessly incompetent.

  10. Ex Pipex pipex employee having an easier life.


    Pipex Homecall have their Corperate and Residential customers on the same server in the same database instance. So, if as Pipex are stating that the residential customers are going to Tiscali and the Corperate customers are staying with Pipex, it is going to be one hell of a headache for the IT department down near Didsbury.

    My heart goes out to those guys but I'm so glad that I left.

    Oh, by the way, I worked at Caudwell then with Pipex and never took their telephone or broadband.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    New Name

    What is it going to be called though? TISCEX or PIPALI - I have a suggestion or 2 - SHITEX or maybe PISCALI

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The bartender and the thief

    One one level it's sad that Pipex have gone, but then they went in 2006 when the company started falling apart. There is literally well over a hundred complaints about billing or MAC code problems that all come down to incompetence over on the ADSL Guide forums, and I myself am victim to their billing department who want a fortune off me but don't know why.

    Would you buy a used car from David Hasslehoff? If not then don't consider a Pipex internet connection.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: The bartender and the thief

    "Would you buy a used car from David Hasslehoff?"

    Depends if it's a black sports car with flashy red things on the front and an on-board computer that talks :)

  14. Joel Mansford

    Alternative to Freedom2Surf

    I've been with Freedom2Surf for over 5years and whilst I didn't like the office-hours only support I did appreciate that when I did call they knew what they were doing and spoke English English.

    The performance has always been good and the 50Gb peak-time allowance has suited me fine.

    I'm an IT professional and thus want a serious service with fixed IP (at no cost!) - suggestions please? Who is left?

  15. Infernoz Bronze badge


    Hmm, now I'll have to spend valuable time finding and switching to a good uncapped ISP, then migrate numerous email registrations, it wasn't fun or quick, the last time I did this!

    Good thing I have Internet access at work and a Hushmail webmail account to fall-back on.


  16. Andy

    RE:Alternative to Freedom2surf

    I would recommend IDnet, or if you're not bothered by outsource support Be unlimited. (I'm an ex freedom2surf employee btw so thanks!) :)

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