back to article Oracle UK systems accused in 'SSH hacking spree'

Compromised computers at Oracle UK are listed among the 10 worst offenders on the net for launching attacks on servers which run SSH (secure shell) server software. Oracle said it is investigating the reported problem, which it is yet to either confirm or refute. A box (or group of boxes behind a proxy) at Oracle UK is among …


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  1. Karl Lattimer

    Erm .net fix?

    The link for statistics is leading to the .net fix mentioned in another article.

  2. Nick Leverton


    Oracle's networks have long been a significant source of spam, apparently injected from compromised machines. I've reported it on numerous occasions to their postmaster and their abuse desk but never even had a reply. I am not in the least bit surprised to find out these pwn3d internal Oracle machines are now part of a botnet. Be a blood good thing if they do clean them up at long last.

  3. Stephen Usher

    Maybe it's because...

    the servers involved are running Oracle databases and hence have to be held down at some ancient patch level which Oracle has blessed as being able to run their database program?

    (Don't laugh, there are many "enterprise" software packages which will only run on certain, ancient patch levels of OSs and which break if anything's upgraded.)

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    anyone notice the clever wording?

    I dont doubt that to date, there is no evidence for any attack originating from that machine. However, given the machine is listed as emea-netcache1 its highly likely its just a proxy and forwarder. Clever wording to calm the customers.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    ITs MS?!

    It's gotta be MS' fault for their 'nix based systems...

  6. Pete James

    About time too.......

    For some years we've had drivel and utter lies from Oracle about the resilience of their products. Remember the "Can't Break it" campaign? What absolute toss. Perhaps we'll see some real effort from this bunch of clowns to get their act together. I doubt it though.

    Never mind. Perhaps one day the world will wake up and fall in love with DB2........

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