back to article Analyst rubs crystal ball and sees iPhone 2.0 based on Nano

With the iPhone not even fully digested by the gadget market's unquenchable pie-hole, many are already eagerly eying what Apple will serve up for its next course. Financial services firm JP Morgan, for one, released a report today claiming Jobs and company plan to launch a cheaper version of the iPhone based on the ultra-slim …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ..Mr Jesus to you, buddy.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    You need treatment..


    You have all symptoms of Iphone dependence/abuse: not any given day passes that you don't abstain from writing or reporting something about it.

    Anyone a pint therapy?


  3. Ned Fowden

    i'd buy that for a dollar....

    well to be serious though, an ipod nano version of iPhone sounds appealing.

    a cheaper phone with fewer functions, but yet still a nano, perfect.

    i currently have a small basic Nokia phone & a nano, carrying both is not exactly a pain, but to have just the one........i would more than likely be tempted

  4. Tom Peach

    Please stop

    Enough iphone aritcles! Please, please stop.

    How about a special "iphone free week"

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Tom ... Nah!

    As the Rev Spooner might suggest ...

    You're wasting your time writing to an

    iPhone wee freek.

  6. Rupert Stubbs


    Reasons why an iPhone Nano will not happen:

    1. Battery life. If it's at all Nano-sized, then battery life will be non-existent. Phones use much more power than music players, so the battery will have to last longer, too.

    2. Multi-touch. If the screen's not multi-touch, then the whole iPhone OS goes out of the window. Even at iPhone screen size, using the keyboard is a squeeze - any smaller and you're back to alphanumeric keys, Option menus, no differentiation from any other phone.

    3. Patent applications: Are no indication of shipping products, just protecting general areas of possible interest (and maybe even providing a bit of smokescreen for actual products).

    4. 2nd Gen iPhones: this is not to say that Apple shouldn't be looking at expanding the iPhone range. For a start, they should obviously be looking to introduce a 3G/HSDPA iPhone - slightly bigger, but can put more storage, bigger battery, maybe even GPS in. And charge a bit more for. Existing iPhone can then become the cheaper, less featured version, and Apple's margins will allow it to reduce considerably in price if necessary.

    5. Price: Apple has been very clever at keeping wide areas of differentiation between their products, so that the high margins are never obvious. Produce an iPhone Nano that is effectively just a Nano with a SIM card, and where do you price it? The alternative is to bury the margins in the overall AT+T plan, but then...

    6. AT+T: People will switch networks, even to AT+T, for a breakthrough product. Will they do the same (and lock themselves in for 2 years) for a cheaper, simpler, more ordinary one? I don't see it myself.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "not any given day passes that you don't abstain"

    Oh dear.

  8. Ross Fleming

    Rotary phone!

    If they're keeping the circular touch pad, maybe they'll design a classic phone interface, by using it as a rotary phone? Hardly "innovative", but enough mugs would buy it!

  9. Jerome

    scroll wheel? hmm...

    A "multifunctional handheld device that uses a circular touch pad control, similar to the Nano's scroll wheel"?

    Guess there won't be room for a numeric keypad, so we'll be back to dialling with a... er, dial.

  10. shane fitzgerald


    ..And soon after that expect them to patent the budget 'iPhone Shuffle'. It won't have a keypad but if you want to make a call you 'shout at it' and it just dials numbers at random from your phonebook. The hours of fun as each party tries to work out who the heck they are talking to.

    And then since there is no screen, text messages are 'eeeked!' to the user in morse-code through the head-set... bringing all the joy of learning fluent Morse, to the poor..........

  11. !!11oneeleven


    It may seem a bit strange, but I'm wondering if Paris Hilton has an iPhone. I surely would like to read about that...

    Coat anyone?

  12. Frank Bough

    Give It A Rest

    "The report joins the gathering storm of second-gen iPhone speculation and persiflage that's sure to keep Apple fans talking until the very moment Steve Jobs pulls the second coming of the Jesus Phone out of his pocket at a press event."

    But it's YOU that's doing the bastard speculation and persiflage! It's like a piss artist constantly going on about how much everyone drinks these days.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Paris Hilton

    Heard on TV the other night (spoken by a knight), "Paris Hilton was released after serving just 23 days of her 45 day prison sentence. Looks like that was another sentence she couldn't complete...."

  14. Dillon Pyron

    I spent how much!?!?!?!?

    Can you imagine the screams next January when Jobs pulls the iPhone Nano out of his pocket. And the price is only $299.

    At that price point, who knows, I still won't buy one.

  15. Michael Corkery


    looks like a few of us had the same idea - a classic roatry dialk would be funny...

    But I also support an iPhone Free Week.

    Or for the fans, a Free iPhone Week.

    everybody wins!

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