back to article Inflated real-estate market goes ballistic (in space)

Vegas-based real-estate kingpin Robert Bigelow's second prototype inflatable space habitat is now in orbit and doing well, according to its parent company. The business plan of Bigelow Aerospace is to build and put into orbit large, pressurised inflatable modules which can be leased out to paying customers. Many have …


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  1. Rob


    Does it say "Blair" on it? It's not another dodgy property deal by exPM's ugly wife is it?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    scary looking

    are the outside pictures, the inside (on their site) looks okay but I don't think i'd trust that on earth let alone in space

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Space habitat for ex-PM?

    What's the real story here? Looking at the photo it seems as though our ex-PM is to be rewarded for his 10 years by being launched into space.


  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's more than likely the "celeb" types will go for this...

    After winning "Sitting in the house and trying to sing the only song you're ever going to sell", the newly arrived "celeb" will want to holiday somewhere exclusive. Ideally this is somewhere exoctic where the local scally and his/her loud offspring can't reach you. Unfortunately the celeb doesn't understand there are places other than Ibiza and a "Space Hotel" would sound very "celeb" because it costs millions to go there.

    Lets hope it costs millions more for them to return.

  5. Des

    How safe?

    Even the best condoms are only 99% safe, and that doesn't mean they don't leak 99% of the time, just that the risk of a leak resulting in a baby is only 1%. Now supposing the Bigelow Space Condominium leaks a little - it'll be alright 99% of the time, but maybe 1% of the time might result is you being berthed in space?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    She's Robert Bigelow’s granddaughter.

  7. Jon Green

    When you gotta glow...

    OK, inflatable makes sense from a payload weight perspective -- but parked at about 240nmi, outside most of the ionosphere, it's going to be subject to a lot of ionising radiation. If I were a candidate resident of Bigelow's Bouncy Castle I'd certainly like to know what shielding it provides, first!

  8. Michael Corkery

    I'm showing my ignorance here

    but asiude from ionising radiation, what altitude is this at? With the ridiculous amount of manmade objects orbiting (I don't mean satellites but litterally tools and detritus released from previous shuttle launches), I know that EVAs are doen behind the shuttle, as it travels through the potential debris path, using the base of the shuttle as the blocking platform to protect astronauts. Do the ISS and this structure sit at a higher or lower orbit?

    Despite the huge "snag" of current cost and safety to get custyomers, material, etc up and down, it's great to see the growth in private exploration of what can be done. This will always lead the way over government concerns, once a viable return is identified.

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