back to article Google searches for computer dealers

Is there no end to this company's ambitions? Google has signed up Ingram Micro, the world's biggest IT wholesaler, to distribute its hardware search appliance box in the US. Google Search Appliance - GB1001 - 2U yellow rackmounted server Distributors are useful for credit, delivery and product returns. They are used to …


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  1. Berthold Barth


    .. I wonder which search engine they will use to find these dealers. I also wonder what the day will be called when google decides to change their motto from "don't be evil" to "do be evil". My money is on "armageddon" and all those cultists will laugh at our face, screaming "We told you the bible shouldn't be taken literally, we did. You jested Adam and Eve's children must have had sex with one another in order for the world to be populated. But the shoe is on the other head now!" just before they puff away in a whisk of smoke leaving us here to melt in the fiery furnace that will be the google server room.... Google Earth indeed...

  2. Geoff Johnson


    Looks like a Spongebob Squarepants server.

    Didn't even know they existed until now.

  3. TS

    And how much

    How much did they pay for this ad?

  4. Dillon Pyron

    500,000 searchs?

    Wow, I hope they at least kiss me afterwards.

  5. ben edwards

    500,000 searchs?

    Not 500k searches, 500k documents kept in the searchable index

  6. Tom Peach

    One problem with Google search appliances:

    They're crap

    Google algorithm's work well in a chaotic environment like the Internet but in a reasonably structured env like a corporate intranet they fail dismally.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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