back to article Ambitious Evergrid to conquer VMware, Oracle and whatever else

Evergrid has become awfully ambitious since we checked in with the start-up at the end of last year. Six months back, Evergrid would only discuss the Availability Management Suite (AvS) - a set of software tools that helped keep batch jobs up and running on Linux HPC (high performance computing) clusters. That particular …


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  1. Lodewijk Bonebakker

    ... needs only 640K

    and runs on all processor architectures....

  2. Billy Verreynne

    The food chain leads to...

    .. Homer?

    It looks like Homer Simpson in that food chain image.

  3. Phil Miesle

    ...makes a nice cuppa...

    ...and makes sure your gran is looked after

  4. Dan

    No processor overhead...

    and the CEO's new clothes are so fine, of such quality, that they are invisible to all but those with the most discerning eye...

  5. Michael Corkery

    RE: Billy Verreynne

    Eagle eyes there - it is a shot taken from the Simpsons, I suspect the episode in which Lisa becomes a vegetarian (featuring Paul and Linda Macca)

This topic is closed for new posts.

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