back to article Florida battles rats the size of cats

US authorites have just begun the final phase of a two-year offensive to eliminate the non-native Gambian pouched rat from the Florida Keys, Reuters reports. The cat-sized rodent has for the last eight years been breeding in Grassy Key, 60 miles north of Key West, after an exotic pet breeder "allowed the critters to escape". …


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  1. Gerald

    dinner-based solution to rat problem...

    Curious, I googled for a picture of one of these rats - one of the first pictures was this one:

    yum! and a leg for everyone at Christmas...

    Gerald Morgan


    ReadyPeople IT Recruitment

    (having some rare Friday-PM downtime!)

  2. Mike Richards

    Moral dilemma

    We can only save one - but which one? Giant plague-ridden marsupial rats from Gambia (a story for which the world is not yet prepared) or the bug-infested, torrid, swampy, banana republic known as Florida?

    Nuke it from orbit - it's the only way to be sure.

  3. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Why want a pet like that ? Easy.

    In a country that has people with pets like crocodiles (or alligators, who cares ?), white tigers, panthers, pythons, tarantulas, you name it, frankly having a rodent as pet seems pretty low-key to me - even if it is cat-sized.

    I suspect the New York sewer rats have something to say about size as well. I look forward to the inevitable claims and counter-claims.


  4. Gary McCabe

    Not Rock n Roll

    This is genocide!


  5. Jeremy Lucas


    I hope they don't have to deal with flame spurts and lightning sand at the same time!

    "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

    Sorry, it's Friday. :)

  6. Phillistine

    Natural Predators are the best solution

    Using natural predators for the pests are the best solution. This has been tried before. In this case, vaccinated dogs can certainly be trained to hunt and collect these rodents.

    Animal shelters are full of dogs that have to be otherwise 'euthenized', why not make use of such a resource ?

  7. heystoopid

    But Then Again!

    But then again ! , it's only Florida , and who gives a rats breakfast about them weirdo's that live there!

    But when global warming finally kicks in , the conveyer belt dies and the seas rise seven metres or so , end of problem! , as most of what is Florida today will be under water!

    As Nelson would say Ha! Ha!

  8. Ishkandar

    Dear Phillistine

    Its natural predator in Africa is HUMAN who catch it as "bush meat" !! Perhaps Floridans can be trained to catch them and eat them. Makes a change from boring Texan beef, for sure !!

  9. TEQ

    People are so quick to judge by appearances

    Firstly, they look pretty cool. Secondly, they apparently make very good pets, and thirdly, well go read this article from 2004.

  10. Andy Pryke

    I'm not sure I want to click on this...

    I googled the rats and the first link was:

    Nice domain name...

  11. the Jim bloke Silver badge

    not genocide

    Eliminating an introduced pest is nothing at all to do with genocide.

    As long as the original population in Gambia or where ever is surviving then using terms like "genocide" is the worst kind of ignorant tabloid sensationalism.

    If the Gambian (rat) population is under threat, say due to habitat destruction, climate change or any of the other myriad ills which exist in this sorry world, then establishing them in new environment might be worth considering.. but not if its going to harm that one.

  12. j chlebus

    Seems simple to me...

    So the 8-foot python obviously likes rat for dinner... why not box HIM up and ship him off to Grassy Key?

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