back to article Scotty: ashes located and heading home

The missing seven grams of "Scotty" actor James Doohan have been found safe and, er, well, in the New Mexico mountains where his near-space capsule crash landed three weeks ago. Doohan's ashes were sent into suborbital space as part of a memorial package. The plan was the ashes would visit almost space, crash land in the New …


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  1. Ralph B

    And the point was ... ?

    Launch ashes of Star Trek actor (and 199 others) into "nearly" space and crash them into the New Mexico desert.

    Hmm, what was the point of this again? As a memorial, you say? How does that work then? I hadn't actually forgotten about Scotty. Does this help me remember him in the future? Is it going to be a regular event? And what about those anonymous 199 others? Was this supposed to serve as a "memorial" to them too? Or are they serving as extras in the Scotty event?

    Are you sure it wasn't just that a bunch of grieving American families with too much money were exploited by a firework salesman?

  2. FerretOfDoom

    The last fix

    I'm glad they found the ashes...

    Too bad Scotty couldn't get the warp drive fixed in the nick of time as usual this time around.


  3. Rob

    Body parts in "space"

    Yeah, I'm not really sure what the hype is about having a random ounce or two of your ashes visit near-space. Sure, putting a vial containing the cremated remains of my eyeballs into orbit so I can "eternally watch over my descendants" is one thing, but having have my left nut spend 30 seconds at sub-orbital altitude is hardly a legacy.

    Thinking about it though, why not put portions of your body into space while you're alive? I mean they can put detached body parts on ice and sew them back on these days, right? This would have practical benefits: "Hey babe, this finger has been to outer space and back...."

  4. Colin Jackson


    Let me know when they can dump my ashes on the moon and I might be interested. Till then, it's the memorial equivalent of the Sinclair C5.

  5. call me scruffy

    I suppose it's a way of "doing" something.

    There are lots of people who's life ambition was to get into space, this I suppose is the booby prize.

    It was originally suggested that the remains capsules would remain in orbit for a few years and then burn up on re-entry, which seems a more viable memorial... I mean what the f**k ARE you going to do with ashes?

    As it is this is a way for [The stupidly rich] to remember their loved one and feel that in some fashion they "Did right for them" which is the entire point of the funeral industry. While also squeezing them for every single penny, which is the entire point of the american sentimentality industry.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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