back to article Alcatel-Lucent wants more Microsoft money

Alcatel-Lucent is not satisfied with the $1.5bn Microsoft has been ordered to pay for violating two MP3 patents, and is seeking additional damages. Alcatel-Lucent claims damages awarded by a San Diego US District Court in February only cover the bill for patent infringements through November 2005. The company seeks a recount …


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  1. Tom Silver badge

    And Microsoft complains about patents

    Today's lesson: Pot, Kettle, Black!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Too much IP

    How much litigation is enough? These IP snipers don't intend to enforce their claims until after there is a revenue stream, then all the sudden look at them come out of hte woodwork! Why do standards body's allow IP into their standard in the first place? When will things like one-click ordering not be patentable? What god-damned-blooming Mickey Mouse finally become public domain? If IP limits are pushed back much farther, Homer's decendants are going to start claiming rights to the Odyssey!

    For Christ's sake will western nations finally agree to review ancient and biased IP laws?

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