back to article SanDisk and Microsoft BFFs around software-stuffed memory

Microsoft and SanDisk have inked a deal to create USB flash drives and memory cards with built-in software and user preferences to replace SanDisk's existing U3 Cruzer line. Under the agreement, Microsoft will develop new software and SanDisk will cover the hardware for the products. The hardware/software pairing will allow …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And now moving on to the next subject: "SanDisk USB sticks will now only run on Windows"

    After releasing the ground breaking news that they will be partnering with Microsoft SanDisk went onto say that they will no longer be supporting other operating systems other than Microsoft's Windows


  2. JC

    Applications and Settings to go

    This is along the same line as having applications on a flash drive that is not on a destination computer and plugging in. Allowing you to use those apps and continue to work and or transfer files. The site that represents this most to my knowledge is

  3. Guy Kewney

    See "Redmond hijacks U3 flash memory stick standard for Windows control"

    The URL is -

    "Despite what many have assumed, the new Sandisk-Microsoft flash platform isn't about data storage for mobile users. It's more about making digital rights management and security for Vista computer users more completely under Redmond's control..."

  4. Brennan Young

    Yet another attack vector for Windows-only malware?

    Malware which uses USB flash drives as an attack vector is just starting to appear. Now it seems Microsoft is introducing yet another 'automatic exectutable' feature with these Sandisk devices. What can possibly happen next?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Attack vector? Old news

    Brennan, that's old news. Been there, done that. A simple search on El Reg will reveal a few articles on th concern of that already. :-)

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