back to article Poisoned MP4 files threaten Winamp users

Hackers have crafted an exploit based on an unpatched vulnerability in Winamp, the popular media player package. Security bugs within Winamp's MP4 decoding allow miscreants to slip malware onto the PCs of users running Winamp version 5.34. The vulnerability has been coded into a script kiddie friendly exploit, however a …


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  1. Ross Fleming

    Fix won't work?

    Maybe I've misunderstood the temporary fix, but it's my impression of Winamp (and any other Windows application) that if you named an mp4 file as an mp3 (or any other filetype that might be associated with Winamp), Winamp would be smart enough to open it regardless.

    Could be wrong, but I'd suggest worriers to stop using Winamp altogether until a fix came out!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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