back to article Scots stump up £3.5m for Highland broadband

The Scottish Executive is to meet with companies interested in providing connectivity to the last remaining spots of the Highlands, and has £3.5m burning a hole in its sporran to pay for it. Every community in Scotland now has ADSL available, and every exchange is ADSL-enabled, but problems including distance from the exchange …


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  1. Greg

    Eddie Murphy?

    Brechin Hills Cop?

    Is it me, or have the Scots done pretty well at this whole "governing themselves" lark? They're getting a halfway decent infrastructure. We're getting a casino.

  2. Michael

    never mind the highlands what about the central belt?

    I have to point out that the highlands isn't the only place with problems. I've friends who live 20 miles from Glasgow who can't get much more than dial up speeds because of the distance from the exchange and line quality issues.

    As for the first comment, halfway decent infrastructure? Not likely. Most of the money will be burned up on stupid wireless ideas instead of just putting some decent wiring in (no point in dreaming of cable any time this century).

  3. shaun

    adsl sucks like, get used to it

    adsl sucks like, get used to it

This topic is closed for new posts.

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