back to article BA edits Branson from Casino Royale

Virgin supremo Richard Branson is "somehow missing" from the version of Casino Royale shown on British Airways flights, the Telegraph reports. In the full-fat film, a short cameo shows the multi-trillionaire "passing through a security arch at Miami airport". This proved too much for BA's in-flight entertainment team, which " …


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  1. Silas Humphreys

    Well, to be fair...

    "we want to ensure they contain no material that might upset our customers." is accurate.

    Reminding people that there are airlines which do better for less dosh is liable to upset them.

  2. Will


    Has Branson made a series of particularly shrewd investments and acquisitions recently? I thought he was "only" a billionaire!

  3. Webster Phreaky

    Branson is UK version of US Trump

    BOTH are idiots, BS artists "supremo: and shameless Egomanics. Bravo to BA.

  4. Steve Simmonds

    Good taste

    Not such a big deal, he is also edited out of the version on United Airlines. More good taste than corporate sabotage...

  5. Gerry Keen

    Yet another pointless prod at BA ..

    I doubt BA has made the cut, morelike the distributor who supplies all the airlines with in-flight entertainment. This is just a stupid story perpetrated in all probability by the Virgin-sponsored PR machine - the BBC reported it as well. In any case, cutting out the twit is better for the film as his appearance was completely ridiculous and snapped one out of 'filmspace'. It was the only stupid bit in the film so cutting it makes for better viewing.

    Now if you could spend a second to think why you published the story, realise it was pointless and stop writing trite rubbish about BA. Or why don't you investigate why Virgin didnt publish it's own record on baggage losses or why Mr Branson looks like a bad advert for cosmetic surgery or why Virgin Media (aka NTL) is truly appalling?


  6. TomB

    American Airlines show Branson

    Funny enough American Airlines, BA's co-conspirator in the One World Alliance show Branson (going throught security at Miami if memory serves)...

    Obviously BA are still a bit sore about getting spanked when they hacked Virgin's computers a few years back!

    Silly billys

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Poor Show BA

    I can only say:

    this is very poor!

    I would have expected more class from BA than this.

    But what do you expect from an airline, that has now control over their contractors, let alone their own staff.

    But we should also bear in mind, that Richard Branson started with his record lable by bootlegging other too.

    And today he is just as bad as the entire MI

  8. Dillon Pyron

    Rain Man

    Then there's the scene from Rain Man, edited out by all but Qantas.

  9. Rob

    Just the film...

    So let me get this straight, he's only been edited out of the film not life in general.... shame, it's of no use to anyone and his brands are next to useless.

  10. David Willis

    Wasted Time

    Surely time would be better spent sorting out peoples luggage rather than dicking with a movie who's audience has already given BA their money.

  11. Tricia Pulley

    In bad taste?

    Precisely why would the sight of this particular billionaire upset the passengers on any flight? I've heard of censorship, but come on! Cut out the things I don't want my 4-year-old to see, like people in speedos and thongs, excessive lovemaking scenes and gun violence. I watched Branson's reality show and liked it, except for the twit he picked to win the thing. He seems like a stand-up guy and I can't imagine why this totally idiotic cut was made!

  12. James Fox

    Not So...

    I was on a BA flight to San Francisco this week and Richard Branson was still in the film. Shame BA couldn't edit the plot into better shape.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Rather Harsh...

    Im not so much surprised, probably bemused is a better word, not by the article itself but by the comments and the number of outspoken Branson haters there are about today.

    Personally I couldnt comment on the man as I have never had the pleasure, or otherwise, of his company. However, I do know that someone who has managed to build a company into a successful multinational in what is, lets face is, quite a small space of time is unlikely to be a "twit" or "useless".

    That is all...

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