back to article 'Mary Celeste' yacht mystery puzzles Oz

Australian air and sea rescue services are searching for the three man crew of a "ghost yacht" found adrift off the North Queensland coast, the BBC reports. The 12 metre catamaran - thought to have set sail for Townsville from Airlie Beach* on Sunday - was spotted from the air on Wednesday. However, rescuers could only reach …


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  1. James Cleveland


    I'm skeptical - looks like some rich folk are trying to fool people. The meal on the table is what makes me think that.

  2. Dillon Pyron

    Not all that uncommon

    As a sailor I'd like to point out that there's reports of abandoned yachts at least once a year. Some that have apparently been abandoned for years.

    140 nm is doable in a day.

  3. Risasi

    I knew I had heard the name before...

    The name of the vessel is very odd. Either this is some sort of sick spoof, or quite a coincidence:

  4. Zorric

    Note the inverted commas/quotation marks

    The name of the yacht was not given in the article but was Kaz II. The inverted commas imply that the yacht was not called the Marie/Mary Celeste but that it disappeared in a Marie Celeste-like manner.

  5. Geoffrey Summerhayes

    Skip your morning coffee, Risasi?

    'Marie Celeste' refers to the type of mystery, being the most famous example. The actual name of the catamaran is Kaz (or Kazz, depending on which story is accurate) II.

  6. thomasthetanker

    Hasta la vista

    Guess the laptop was running Vista and the owner just had enough and jumped overboard...

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    If I've learned anything from action movies, it's that the boat's occupants have obviously been shot and thrown overboard, likely by a diamond cartel. However, the hero and the attractive daughter of the yacht's owner are on the trail of the thugs in the southern alps, probably on black, turbocharged snowmobiles, so all will be well.

    Mark my words.

  8. pipe13

    All too easy, and too sad.

    One bloke goes on deck before dinner to "shoot the breeze". Manages to trip over his Docker laces and slip in the drink. "Halp!" he cries. "Halp!" Both his mates simultaneously dive in after him: "Line? What line? I thought *you* brought the line..."


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