back to article Officer jailed for leaking police records to violent criminal

A police officer who improperly accessed a police database and passed individuals' personal details on to a man with a violent criminal record has had his jail term increased to nine months. James Andrew Hardy was previously found guilty of misfeasance in a public office for improperly accessing the police database and was not …


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  1. John Miles

    Suggest a Sweepstake

    When will the first ID theft occur from HMG ID card system by corrupt officials?

  2. SImon Hobson Silver badge

    And we all believe ...

    ... that none of this will happen when the ID cards disaster goes live !

    We do believe that don't we ?

  3. Paul Hurst

    RE: And we all believe ...

    Obviously(!) Any security breach from ID cards will have nothing to do with information being leaked, left unencrypted, placed in rubbish bins, left outside banks, left on trains or insecure offices, Lost usb keys or sniffed from envelopes by rfid readers. computer systems with default passwords...

    None of those things could be to blame for id theft ... it will be the owner obviously not looking after the card properly (securely).

This topic is closed for new posts.

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